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Home > Woodwinds > Woodwind Accessories > Practice Aids & Breathing Devices for Woodwinds > Comfort Zone Chops Lip Saver and Artificial Embouchure

Practice Aids & Breathing Devices for Woodwinds

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Item #: 485154 901
Mfg #: Universal

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#485154 901 Universal

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Product Overview

Comfort Zone Proudly Presents Chops In A Box!

Product Details

Comfort Zone Chops Lip Saver and Artificial Embouchure

Chops is an “artificial embouchure” that acts just as the natural embouchure does—as a fulcrum. It protects the inner bottom lip from the sharp bottom front teeth, allowing a brass or woodwind musician to play effortlessly and pain-free. Made of a special thermoplastic material, Chops allows the player to mold the artificial embouchure to his or her own teeth, ensuring a custom fit. Chops is designed to fit adult males, adult females and teen males. Teen or Petite Females and Children (boys and girls) should use the Chops Junior for the best fit.

Chops and Chops Junior work by stretching the soft, vibration-absorbing skin in the natural embouchure of the bottom lip over the artificial one, causing this same soft skin to become harder. The sound emitted from the clarinet or saxophone will then be produced by the clear vibration of the reed, and not absorbed or disrupted by the skin. The less vibration absorbed by the skin, the better the tone.

The secondary function of Chops and Chops Junior is to stop the cause of pain. How can a musician concentrate on his or her music if the inner bottom lip has to be babied due to soreness? When beginners first learn to play, their inner bottom lip is very tender and their teeth can be sharp, causing pain that inhibits their practicing. Couple this pain with discouraging squeaks due to a weak embouchure, and playing can become a chore instead of a joy. With no real practice time, the embouchure will never develop properly and the inner bottom lip will not strengthen. With Chops and Chops Junior, the embouchure can develop and the inner bottom lip will strengthen better against a smooth surface, rather than against sharp teeth. Students can now gain practice time as their embouchure develops, making the music teacher, parents and the student happy. The advancing player will practice and perform longer, and with less pain and discomfort, allowing them to continue to improve.

If your inner bottom lip is sore and you wish to enhance your tone, then you’ve come to the right place. For those of you from the “No Pain—No Gain” school, please do not purchase this product—you will be “sorely” disappointed!

Order today with the no-risk assurance of our Total Satisfaction and Low Price Guarantees!

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