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Item #: 302200 002
Mfg #: DP117W

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Price: $69.99
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#302200 002 White

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Product Overview

Gutsy, warm, and full-bodied.

  • Broad low end
    Restricted top
    More body and less screech
    Smooth tone curve
    Works in all positions or with humbucker

Product Details

DiMarzio DP117 HS-3 Guitar Pickup

DiMarzio EQed the HS-3 guitar pickup with a broad low end while gently rolling back the top. The result is warmth without a glaring high end; just right for the guitar that needs more body and less screech. Hum-free pickup design lends itself to any performance situation. Try the HS-3 pickup in a recording environment--no more dumping your best solo because of single-coil noise on the track. Smooth tone curve produces a sweet overdrive without jagged edges. Coupled with the more glassy, transparent sound of HS-1 or HS-2 pickups in the neck and middle positions, the DiMarzio HS-3 pickup adds a warmer, fatter tone to round out your sound. Works well in all 3 positions on a Stratocaster for slightly warmer-than-usual Strat sound. Combines in middle and neck positions with bridge humbuckers like PAF Pro, PAF, Air Classic, or Norton. Standard 4-conductor wiring, Alnico 5 magnet, and 93mV output.

Order today with the no-risk assurance of our Total Satisfaction and Low Price Guarantees!

  • Wiring: 4-conductor
    Magnet: Alnico 5
    Output: 93mV
    DC resistance: 23.72
    Year of introduction: 1980
Customer Reviews
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This changed my entire approach to guitar tone

By Mike Garcia from Winchester, Virginia on 5/11/2010 6:56:02 PM

I put the HS-3 in the bridge position in my MIM strat. This is a low-output pickup, much to the surprise of some shredders who bought it because of Yngwie. What they didn't realize is that Yngwie's approach is to use a good clean pickup, then overdrive the signal at the amp, not the guitar. The result is awesome tone with great note definition no matter how much overdrive you use. It really screams, AND sounds good as well. I play through a SansAmp GT-2 straight into the PA and it sounds astounding. The output is lower than a stock strat pickup, so be prepared for that. Also prepare yourself for the best distorted strat tone ever. With no hum, by the way. Say what you will about Malmsteen's playing, his tone is great and this pickup will take you there.

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