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Home > Accessories > Guitar & Bass Parts & Accessories > Guitar Pickups & Parts > Bridges & Tailpieces for Guitar > Graph Tech Resomax NVS Harmonic Bridge System LIMITED EDITION for 4mm Posts


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Item #: 712836 023
Mfg #: PSU-8843-SBN

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Price: $179.99
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Product Overview

A superior Limited Edition combination Tune-o-matic style bridge and tailpiece.

  • Fits all guitars with Tune-o-matic style fixed bridges with 4mm posts.
    Lightweight ResoMax Alloy bridge
    U.L.F. (Ultra Low Friction) saddles
    AutoLock magnetically locking bridge
    Triple-plated finish
    Increased harmonic content
    Boosts harmonic content.
    Reduces string breakage
    Improves tuning stability
    AutoLock magnetically secures your bridge to the guitar at all times without a tool to use or lose
    Triple plated finish for durability and good looks
Product Details

Graph Tech Resomax NVS Harmonic Bridge System LIMITED EDITION for 4mm Posts

The limited edition Graph Tech Resomax NVS Harmonic Bridge System combines a Tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece. Only 500 individually numbered bridges and tailpieces will be made in 2010 for the entire world to celebrate the release of this triumph in engineering and innovation. The Resomax NVS fits all guitars with Tune-o-matic style fixed bridges with 4mm posts.

The ResoMax NVS Harmonic Bridge maximizes harmonic content and richness in every note, retains the bite of a metal saddle, dramatically reduces string breakage and makes restringing a breeze!

The ResoMax NVS is made from a proprietary, lightweight ResoMax alloy that will leave each note dripping in tone and harmonics. It comes fully equipped with special U.L.F. (Ultra Low Friction) saddles, crafted from the same harmonically rich ResoMax.

Exclusive to the ResoMax System, the AutoLock locking feature magnetically secures your bridge at all times without tools to use or lose, making guitar restringing simple and quick.

U.L.F (Ultra Low Friction Saddles)
The Graph Tech fResoMax NVS is equipped with U.L.F. saddles made from the same harmonically rich alloy as the bridge and is bonded with an ultra hard low friction formula that drastically reduces string breakage, improves tuning and retains the 2KHz bite of metal saddles.

Increased Harmonic Content
With the combination of lightweight ResoMax alloy bridge and saddles, you will hear each note dripping in tone and harmonics. The lighter weight bridge and saddles will allow the natural sound of the guitar to shine through.

Light Weight Bridge and Saddles
ResoMax NVS bridge and saddles are both made from Graph Tech's lightweight ResoMax alloy to boosts harmonic content. The lighter weight material lets the natural sound of your guitar shine through.

Triple-plated finish
Triple-plated Chrome, Gold, Nickel and Black Nickel finishes mean years of durability and good looks. Now your guitar will play and look its best.

Order today with the no-risk assurance of our Total Satisfaction and Low Price Guarantees!

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