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Item #: H89573
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Guy's Publishing Guy's Grids: Complete Set (Complete Set)Online Only
Product Overview

The compete suite of Guy's Grids guitar education books in a single purchase!

Product Details

Guy's Publishing Guy's Grids: Complete Set

Guy's Grids: Complete Set gives you the full suite of Guy’s books in a single purchase. These 5 publications set a standard for modern guitar educational books. And, they provide a solid foundation for any guitarist – beginner to advanced. From scales to 2-string harmonies, from root-in-bass chords to inversions, from enharmonic chords to implied chords, this is a collection you will never outgrow. Enjoy all 5 publications at a single discounted price!

Guy McRoskey redefined guitar educational texts with the 2009 publication of his Guy’s Grids suite – a series of instructional guides with a linear gridded layout that effectively cater all learning styles. Now you can buy the complete set of the original Guy’s Grids chordbook, Guy’s Scales, Modes, and Arpeggios, Chord Cousins, 2-String Harmonies and Inversion Immersion.

More Than a chordbook, Guy's Grids is an instructional collection of over 2,000 open chord forms and over 700 moveable chord forms. The oversized book is divided into four major tabbed sections: Open Chord Grids, Moveable Chord Grids, Open Chord Index, and Moveable Chord Index.

Guy’s Scales, Modes, and Arpeggios is a comprehensive and integrated presentation of all of the most commonly used guitar scales, modes, and arpeggios—in all regions of the fretboard.

Chord Cousins was designed to facilitate the ongoing discovery of certain sets of chords that are closely related, but not in an obvious way. Guy has coined the term "Chord Cousins" to refer to two chords meeting the following criteria. (1) The two chords have different root notes, e.g. a G root and a D root. (2) The two chords must either have the same spelling (in which case the one chord is said to be "enharmonic" with the other) or have very similar spellings. Chord Cousins are important for use in jazz compositions (substitution), variations on melodies and in solos and for use in creating basslines.

Learning chord inversions can be a slow and difficult process – much like learning a foreign language. Inversion Immersion was written to help guitarists become "fluent" in the "foreign language" of inversions. When learning a foreign language, "immersion" means being surrounded by others who speak that language. In the context of this book, it means playing progressions with lots and lots of inversions.

2-String Harmonies consists of five oversized (11" x 17") laminated sheets which present two-string harmonic outlines of the most commonly used scales Major, Dorian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Harmonic Minor. The two-string harmonies are presented with a G tonic, but are moveable to any key.

Order today with the no-risk assurance of our Total Satisfaction and Low Price Guarantees!

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