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Item #: 620290
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Hal Leonard The Daily Adventures of Mixer Man (Book) (332789)Online Only
Product Overview

The hysterical diary of a recording engineer struggling to make a record with belligerent, untalented musicians given an undeserved and bloated major-label recording budget!

Product Details

Hal Leonard The Daily Adventures of Mixer Man (Book)

The Daily Adventures of Mixerman is the hilarious story of an anonymous recording engineer working with a famous producer on the debut album of an unknown band with a giant recording budget and even more giant egos.

Mixerman set out to write about recording techniques, but along the way he has hit upon a funny story that will be especially appreciated by anyone who has had to struggle with artists sporting bloated and unwarranted egos. Mixerman's diary is rife with studio misadventures, musical mayhem, and above all a prtrait of musicians acting very badly indeed. The unnamed band consists of four of the most dislikable human beings you can imagine. The singer is vain and pretentious. The guitarist is a serious depressive. The drummer is as dumb as a sack of doorknobs, and the bassist is merely mean and petty, making him the only one that Mixerman can stand. All four hate each other's guts—and they haven't even been on tour yet!

Mixerman takes you through the recording process of a budding band that's in way over its head with a famous record producer (also in over his head). Many find Mixerman's diary entries side-splittingly funny. Others find them maddening. All in all its the funniest account of the record-making process ever documented.

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  • ISBN: 0879309458
    Width: 6"
    Length: 9"
    392 Pages
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