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Home > Pro Audio > Recording Gear > Audio Interfaces > Hercules DeeJay Trim + Scratch 4&6 DJ Audio Interface and Time Code Software

Audio Interfaces

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Item #: 620673M 008
Mfg #: USED005008 4780584

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Hercules DeeJay Trim + Scratch 4&6 DJ Audio Interface and Time Code Software

Condition 2 - Gently Used   
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Product Overview

Analog feel with the convenience of digital files.

  • Hercules DeeJay Trim 4&6 Audio Interface:
    Line/phono level on the inputs and adjustable preamplifiers
    Headphones output and microphone input with talk-over function
    Integrated USB hub
    4-in/4-out mode and 2-in/6-out mode

    Virtual DJ 6 LE Time Code + 2 time-coded vinyl discs and CDs:
    Ability to mix computer audio files while controlling the music files' playback with turntables or CD players
    Ability to mix on an analog mixer or on a Hercules Professional DJ controller
Product Details

Hercules DeeJay Trim + Scratch 4&6 DJ Audio Interface and Time Code Software

The DeeJay Trim and Scratch 4&6 is an interface with time-code DJ software that includes the Hercules DeeJay Trim 4&6 Audio Interface, Virtual DJ 6 LE Time Code software, 2 time-coded vinyl discs, and 2 time-coded CDs. This package is ideal for analog DJs who want to use their CD players and turntables to mix MP3 files, or for a computer-based DJ who wants to use their computer's music library when mixing on CD players and turntables.

What is time-code DJing?
Time-code DJing involves mixing audio files stored in a computer and controlling the playback with turntables or CD players. The process occurs when the DJ plays special time-coded discs on vinyl turntables or CD players whose output signal is digitized in real time by the audio interface. This signal tells the DJ mixing software where you are in the track and the speed of the playback so that the software can duplicate on MP3 files the actions the DJ performs on the time-coded discs.

The advantages of time code DJing are:
•the DJ can use the same gears to mix computer audio files as CDs or vinyl discs with instant access to the computer audio library (meaning faster access than the time it takes to find and load vinyl discs or CDs)
•the increased accuracy of the vinyl turntable or the jog wheel of the CD player (the wider the wheel, the better the accuracy)
•and the ability to switch easily between computer audio files and vinyl discs or CDs.

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  • Minimum configurations required:
    2 GHz CPU or higher/ 2 GB RAM or more
    USB 2.0 port
    Microsoft Windows XP/Vista or Mac 10.4/10.5
    2 CD players with jog wheels or two vinyl turntables
    Analog DJ mixer
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