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  • Laurel Canyon Guitar LN50

  • Ventus Trumpet VTR10s

  • Laurel Canyon Guitar LN75

  • Laurel Canyon Guitar LD100SCESB

  • Ventus Tenor Saxophone VTS10s

  • Laurel Canyon Guitar LA100CESB

  • Ventus Trombone VTB10

  • Laurel Canyon Guitar LD200S

  • Laurel Canyon Guitar LD100SCE

  • Laurel Canyon Guitar LD100S

  • Laurel Canyon Guitar LA100S

  • Ventus Flute VFL10S

  • Ventus Flute VFL10

  • Ventus Clarinet VCL10GS & VCL10CS

  • Ventus Alto Saxophone VAS10

  • Pearl Export Series Black & Gold Drum Kit

  • Verve Student Flute FLV-100S

  • Verve Student Trumpet TRV-100L

  • Verve Student Clarinet CLV-100N

  • Yamaha YTR-8335RS Xeno Series Bb Trumpet

  • Andreas Eastman Reeds

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