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Laskey Cornet Series Mouthpiece (65SB) - 65SB Style
Laskey Cornet Series Mouthpiece (65SB) - 65DB Style
Laskey Cornet Series Mouthpiece (65SB) - 60SB Style
Price: $74.99
Item #: 583828 822
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Laskey Cornet Series Mouthpiece (65SB)Online Only
Product Overview

Optimized for cornet!

Product Details

Laskey Cornet Series Mouthpiece

With over 20 years of mouthpiece making experience, Laskey never uses a trumpet mouthpiece cut short to a cornet shank. Laskey understands the instruments play differently, have a different feel, and produce a different timbre. Each Laskey Cornet Mouthpiece is specifically designed for the cornet.Laskey Rim Sizes
The rim size is represented by the first number (50, 60, 65, 68, etc.) which measure the approximate inside diameter of the rim. For example, an interior rim measuring .650" would be represented by the number 50. An interior of .668" would be represented by the number 68.Laskey Cornet Cups
S – Very shallow with soft entrance to throat
P – Similar to a 7E/11A
SB – Shallow funnel-style cup. Great for all-around playing and solo work
DB – Deep funnel-style cup. Best suited for brass bandLaskey Throat Sizes
A Laskey S, P, or SB cup is #27 (.144"/3.66mm) throat
A Laskey DB cup is #24 (.152"/3.86mm) throat

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