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Home > Amplifiers & Effects > Amplifiers > Guitar Amplifiers > Combo Guitar Amplifiers > Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers > Line 6 Spider IV 75 75W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp


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Item #: 620210 001
Mfg #: 99-010-3405

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Price: $299.99
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#620210 001 Black

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Product Overview

Experience exceptional depth and sophisticated touch response.

  • 75 watts (mono)
    1x12" Celestion Custom speaker; Three-quarter closed-back speaker cabinet for a tight, snappy response
    500+ presets: 300+ hand-crafted presets from 50 world-famous bands and guitarists, almost 200 dialed in presets inspired by the best guitar songs of all time, up to 64 user-created presets
    Artist-created presets hand-crafted by Johnny Marr, Slipknot, Pete Anderson, 311, Meshuggah, Lacuna Coil, As I Lay Dying, Steve Stevens, The Donnas, Minus the Bear, and 40 more guitarists and bands
    Song-based presets inspired by the tones of Master of Puppets, Back in Black, Whole Lotta Love, Daytripper, Toxicity, Purple Haze, Head Like a Hole, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Crazy Train, and almost 200 more
    16 exceptional guitar amp models that exhibit sophisticated touch response, complex distortions, and compression that breathes like it's emanating from a vintage tube amp. (Line 6 modeling is often imitated, but never duplicated.)
    Up to 8 effects at once with FBV MkII. 20 Smart FX (up to 4 at once) including Smart Harmony and Pitch Glide plus echoes, mods, reverbs, tremolos, delays, and more; Additional effects include Quick Loop, Noise Gate, and Boost; Edit all effects up to 7 parameters deep
    Bass, Mid and Treble knobs behave like the EQ controls from each modeled amp; Drive knob; Channel volume; Master volume; Manual Mode
    1/4" input; 1/4" headphone/direct output; 1/8" CD/MP3 input; FBV jack; Built-in chromatic tuner
    Line 6 FBV MkII foot controllers (not included) feature a foot pedal for wah, volume and pitch-shift control; tap tempo; chromatic tuner display; channel switching; USB connectivity for receiving amplifier updates and upgrades; more
Product Details

Line 6 Spider IV 75 75W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Line 6 Spider IV is one of America's best-selling family of guitar amplifiers. Plug into a 75W Spider IV 75 for Line 6 amp and FX modeling, dialed-in tones and presets created and inspired by rock stars, and much more.

Guitar Amplifier Models
Each guitar amp model in the Line 6 Spider amp delivers the distinct tonal nuances of a celebrated American, British, or European guitar amp. Models were inspired by a Marshall JCM-900, Hiwatt Custom 100, '60s Fender Blackface Twin Reverb, '60s Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb, Vox AC30 Top Boost, Divided by 13 9/15, '50s wide panel Fender Deluxe Reverb, Gretsch 6156, '68 Marshall Plexi 50-Watt, Orange AD30, '68 Marshall Plexi 100-Watt with a Variac and jumped input channels, Diezel Herbert, and Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier.

Piles of presets
Passionate about presets? Line 6 Spider IV 75 amplifier has them in spades with over 500 in total. Beside the 300+ presets handcrafted by 50 rock stars, and beside the almost 200 presets inspired by the best guitar songs of all time, the Line 6 Spider amp can create and save up to 64 of your own user presets.

Dialed in by rock stars
Who do you want to sound like today? Discover the tones of your heroes in Line 6 Spider IV 75. 50 famous guitarists and bands, including Coheed & Cambria, Johnny Marr, Slipknot, and others, handcrafted more than 300 of their signature tones and turned them into Line 6 Spider IV 75 presets—from sparkling cleans to effect-laden tones to saturated high-gain heaven.

Dialed in by Line 6
Get one-touch access to almost 200 tones based on the best guitar songs of all time—from the switchblade-swinging slapback of the 1950s to the high-gain distortion of the 2000s. Get the tones from Master of Puppets, Back in Black, Whole Lotta Love, Daytripper, Toxicity, Purple Haze, Head Like a Hole, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Crazy Train, and more.

Edit, store and share. All via computer
Line 6 Spider IV Edit software (a free download from Line6.com) is an editor/librarian for your Spider IV 75 tones. Bask in the glow of your computer while you edit presets, create backups, and even email tones to other Spider IV players.

Smart FX
Smart FX knobs put award-winning Line 6 effects at your fingertips. Easy to use, Smart FX let you spend less time tweaking and more time playing. Quickly add or remove any amount of the 20 lush reverbs, exceptional echoes, tangy mods, and more. Make all your adjustments on the fly—all the knobs are on the front panel. Up to 4 Smart FX can be used simultaneously.

Go deeper into FX
This Line 6 amp lets you deep dive into your effects like never before! Every effect is fully adjustable up to 7 parameters deep, including pre- and post-amplifier routing. Sculpt your delays, mods, reverbs, pitch effects, and more with unparalleled control.

Spider FX Infusion
What's better than more effects? More effects for free! Spider FX Infusion (a free download from Line6.com) more than doubles your amount of Smart FX. Beef up your Line 6 Spider IV 75 with 28 additional overdrives, compressors, delays, reverbs, mods, and wahs. You'll have more effects than any other modeling amplifier.

Pitch effects (Smart Harmony and Pitch Glide)
Smart Harmony is Line 6's first intelligent pitch shifter. It's fast-tracking and easy to use. Harmonize using major, minor, pentatonic, whole tone, and other types of scales. (Don't worry, you don't need to know music theory to use Smart Harmony).

Pitch Glide is most effective when used with an optional FBV MkII footcontroller. Use the footpedal to smoothly shift your tone up or down to any interval within a 4-octave range. The effect can be calibrated to semitones, or to 10-cent increments to create cool chorus/detuning effects.

Quick loop
Quick Loop is a 14-second sound-on-sound looper that's ideal for writing songs, practicing solos, jamming, and even dialing in your tone. Easy to use, Quick Loop's controls are all on the front panel. Connect an FBV MkII footcontroller for handsfree control of the looper functions.

Simultaneous FX
Use up to 8 effects at the same time! Pour on the colors and textures with all 4 Smart FX, set the adjustable Boost and the Noise Gate, activate Quick Loop, and connect an FBV MkII footcontroller to kick on the volume/wah pedal. How many other amplifiers can do that?

Speak up
Celestion guitar speakers are world renowned for their exceptional definition, clarity, and feel. And that's just what they give to Line 6 Spider IV 75. The 1x12" Celestion custom speaker helps clean tones sparkle and sing, creamy overdrives respond to the intricacies of your picking, and searing brutal tones launch themselves from the cabinet.

Manual mode
Manual mode draws a more traditional amplifier experience out of Line 6 Spider IV 75 guitar amp. When Manual mode is activated, all front-panel knobs work independently of one another. (Out of Manual mode, choosing an amp model may adjust the settings of the other front-panel knobs.)

Stay focused
To get the whole story of Spider IV 75 amplifier, you need to turn one around. It features a perfectly tuned three-quarter closed-back speaker cabinet. This provides a tight, punchy, focused response that you can't get from an open-back guitar speaker cab.

Tune up
You'll always sound your best with the Line 6 guitar amp's built-in tuner. No need for an external tuner or additional guitar cables, this invaluable tool is integrated into the amp's front panel. Activate the tuner with the push of a button.

Window to the soul
A large, two-line LCD is your window into Line 6 Spider IV 75. This is where you can deep dive into effects and adjust their parameters, scroll over 500 presets, see the tuner interface, name your user-created presets, get a visual representation of where your Smart FX knobs are set, and more.

Downloads and upgrades
Keep your Line 6 Spider IV 75 guitar amp up to date with an FBV MkII footcontroller. Connect the Spider IV 75 to Line6.com via an FBV MkII footcontroller to receiver valuable software and firmware updates and upgrades. These updates may include new features, presets, or effects for your Line 6 amp.

Foot controllers
FBV Express MkII delivers hands-free channel switching; FBV Shortboard MkII is a full-on remote control. They both feature a full-sized volume/wah pedal, chromatic tuner display, bright LEDs, durable footswitches and chassis, and more. They keep you at the foot of the stage instead of tied to the front of your Spider IV 75. They also feature USB connectivity for keeping your Spider IV 75 up to date. (Footcontrollers sold separately.)

Order today with the no-risk assurance of our Total Satisfaction and Low Price Guarantees!

Customer Reviews
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Really fun amp!

By FriscoJeff from Frisco, TX on 11/18/2010 5:19:48 PM

I walked into the Frisco, TX store last night having pretty much made up my mind that I wanted either a Fender G-DEC 3 30 or a Line 6 Spider Jam, which as I'm sure you guys know, isn't carried by Music & Arts. But, I figured while I was there I'd try out what they did have. Having never played around with a modeling amp, I didn't know what to expect, but I must say it blew my doors off. All of the presets that I played with delivered as promised, even the ones that were named after songs really had me hearing those songs. I also loved how the artist and song presets were organized by decade. I'm realtively new to the electric guitar and effects game having played only acoustic most of my life, so I didn't spend a lot of time tweaking the amp with any of the buit in effects. Neither could I make a very educated assessment of whether the effects were as good as those that you could buy in individual pedal form. All I know is that I enjoyed myself! Having said all of that, I see this amp as a fantastic practice/learning tool. For me who's just figuring this stuff out, having everything laid out so clearly and in a very intuitive way will decrease the time it takes me to figure this stuff out dramatically. I'm sure to the more refined ear, there could be some complaint about the quality of the effects, but I can't imagine that they're too far off. I felt like they were all very responsive. The overdrives and distortions all had great harmonics and sustains like you'd want to hear. My biggest complaint was that a few of them seems to be a little tinny and lacking the low end that I love. Particularly in the bluesier presets. May have been the Epi Les Paul i was playing through it, and it may have been the fact that no matter how hard you try, one 12" speaker with a solid state amp can really only do so much, However, for the money and my purposes, I felt like this was a fantastic amp at a great price. Especially considering the special they had going at the time. I may end up with this amp hooked up to my mp3 player. The only thing it lacked that the Spider Jam has is the built in backing tracks and the ability to record vocals, and another instrument. Features wise though, neither this or the Spider Jam seem to be able to compete with the G-DEC, which allows you to download new backing tracks and presets for free and upload and share yours. Additionally, the G-DEC has a computer/web based user interface that allows you to control the entire amp from your computer. It's only 15 or 30 watts though, not 75. C'mon Line 6 you pioneered this niche of the enormous modeling amp market, shouldn't you be on the cutting edge? Of course Fender pretty much created this industry 60 years ago lol!

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This amp is amazing!!

By Rick from Marietta, GA on 2/22/2011 9:11:06 PM

This amp rocks! It gives tons of tone selections and really sounds amazing with either the volume down low or cranked up to 11! Beginners as well as advanced players will enjoy the diverse sounds and tone choices. I have had the amp for two months and I am just beginning to scratch the surface of possibilities. Do not hesitate to buy this amp. It is a great value for the asking price!

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1 out of 1 People found this review helpful

Perfect for everyone in almost every situation

By J.J. Bradley from Houston, TX on 2/15/2011 5:05:25 PM

This amp is flawless. Whether your in your bedroom practicing new licks with your first guitar. Jamming with the drummer you know from school. Playing your first gig and onto laying down tracks in the studio. This is the amp to do it with. I've had mine for 6 months now and have had no issues. I've played a few small shows with it and haven't had any problem being heard in the back of the venue. With aid of a amp stand this thing will scream for miles. I've also been able to record crystal clear master tracks on my laptop alone due to it's perfectly placed output jack. No need for a mixer, just get the levels right on the amp and it'll translate beautifully to an audio file. Of course once I start playing larger shows I'll have to upgrade to a larger amp, the 75w eventually won't be enough. Though I won't have to look far. Next amp in my sights is the Line 6 Spider IV HD150. Which maneuvers exactly like this just has much more power. I honestly look at this amp like I would a loyal hound, and it treats me as if it were. In short. You NEED this amp. Anything else you get will just be temporary, because nothing will love you more than a Spider IV.

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