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Home > Pro Audio > Music Software > Notation Software > Notion Progression Guitar Tablature and Songwriting Software Version 2
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Item #: H90663
Mfg #: Progression 2.0

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Price: $49.00
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Product Overview

A smart and simple way to enter, edit, and playback tab, notation, or both.

  • Enter, edit, and playback tab, notation, or both
    Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, Piano, Electric Piano, Clavinet, and Drum Set samples included (add additional instruments such as Classical Guitar, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar, Mandolin, and Banjo)
    Open Notion files
    Compatible with Notion and Progression iPad products
    Open Guitar Pro files (versions 3-5)
    Realtime MIDI record
    Step-time MIDI input
    Clean and intuitive user interface
    Interactive guitar fretboard, keyboard, and drumpad for fast entry
    Quick and simple selection palette
    Distortion and reverb effects
    Full audio mixer
    Convenient file sharing
    Full-range of guitar functions and articulations including: bends, vibrato, slides, hammer on, pull off, mutes, whammy bar techniques, bass slap, harmonics, and more…
    Insert text
    Chord and melody modes
    Easy delete and erase capabilities
    Upload audio to SoundCloud

    New for Version 2.0
    Write guitar tab and notation
    Realtime updating between tab and notation
    Custom tab and alternate tunings
    Supports 7-string guitar and 5-string bass
    Interactive fretboard, keyboard and drum pad
    ReWire 64-bit (host and slave)
    VST compatibility
    Drum patterns included
    SequencerStaff and Sequencer Overlay
    Native 64-bit support (Mac OS X and Windows)
    Built-in amp simulator
    MIDI overdub
    Integrated audio mixer
    Export audio, MIDI, MusicXML
    Save directly to SoundCloud
    Compatibility with Notion 4, Notion and Progression iPad apps
    Save as PDF
    Import MIDI, MusicXML, and Guitar Pro files (version 3-5)
Product Details

Notion Progression Guitar Tablature and Songwriting Software Version 2

Notion Music's intuitive and revolutionary tab, notation, songwriting, and composition software for guitar, bass, and drums is back and more powerful than ever. With a brand new design you can now enter tab or notation much easier and hear your music play back with real instrument samples. Progression 2.0 makes it easy to create your own guitar tab, lead sheets, and standard sheet music complete with an audio track of yoru own.

Progression 2.0 is seamlessly integrated with real audio samples featuring guitars performed by Neil Zaza, bass samples from Victor Wooten and drums by Roy “Futureman” Wooten - all at top studios around the world. It includes samples in the following categories: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Electric and Upright Bass, Drums, Piano, Clavinet, and more.

This special software allows you to create a score on your desktop and then transfer it to your iPad where you can continue to edit and playback your music. If you have Progression 2.0 and the Progression or Notion iPad app (sold separately), you can send and open scores from each device and continue to work on your score, anywhere, anytime.

Interactive Entry Tools (Keyboard, Fretboard, Drum Pad, Chord Library)
Now you can enter notes into Progression with the interactive fretboard, keyboard, or drum pad. Many users find it convenient to first capture their pitches or guitar fingerings they perform on an instrument before translating them into notation or tablature. These interactive entry tools allow for a quick, convenient way to build your score. You can customize the amount of guitar strings on the fretboard or the order of entry for each voice for the drum pad. Also, use the chord library to enter the chord name or voicing you want to appear in your score. You can choose from standard chord symbols or a fretted chord symbol.

Native 64-bit Support (MAC OS X and Windows)
With Progression 2.0 you can take advantage of 64-bit’s ability to address more than 4GB of RAM and watch the speed and performance of Progression as well as your VST’s increase. (Progression is still 32-bit compatible. You can also run Progression in 32-bit on a 64-bit computer for compatibility purposes with other products.)

MIDI Record/Input and Step-Time Entry
Capture your MIDI performance better than ever before in Notion. Choose between keyboard or guitar entry as well as having an incredible level or tweakability to dial in the way Notion will follow your playing.

Teaching with Progression
Instructors around the world love using Progression desktop and iPad products in their lessons. It’s quick-and-intuitive interface let’s you write, playback, edit, and then email a Progression or PDF file to your students right in the lesson. Now, with the power of using Progression desktop with Progression iPad, your possibilities will be even greater.

Order today with the no-risk assurance of our Total Satisfaction and Low Price Guarantees!

  • System Requirements
    Mac Minimum
    OS: OSX 10.5-10.8
    Processor speed: 1.8GHz
    RAM: 2GB
    Hard drive space: 2GB

    Mac Recommended
    OS: OSX 10.5-10.8
    Processor speed: 2GHz
    RAM: 4GB
    Hard drive space: 2GB

    Windows Minimum
    OS: Windows 7/8/Vista/XP
    Processor speed: 2GHz Pentium
    RAM: 2GB
    Hard drive space: 2GB

    Windows Recommended
    OS: Windows 7/8/Vista/XP
    Processor speed: 2 GHz Core Duo
    RAM: 4GB
    Hard drive space: 2GB
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