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Home > Accessories > Practice Accessories > Breath Training > Powerlung BreatheAir

Breath Training

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Item #: 472043
Mfg #: PLB-K100

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Product Overview

Before there is music, there must be air!

Product Details

Powerlung BreatheAir

Or, as a music teacher said, “No air. no sound.” Wind, brass and voice musicians as well as other performing artists, have for many years used exercise to improve their breathing strength and endurance. Exercise like running, swimming, cycling, yoga or others improve a performing artist’s health as well as their capabilities to perform at a higher level. Many performing artists have the extra burden of physical activity such as costume changes, dancing or marching in addition to the demands placed on their breathing muscles by creating the sound. In addition to the exercising you spend many hours warming up before practice, rehearsal or performance and then again between performances in the same or other shows or performances. Then there are the actual practice, rehearsal and performance times.

Hear the difference in just a few breaths
Most musicians can hear the difference after their first 10 breaths with PowerLung. Musicians and vocalists who tried PowerLung found their projection improved within just 10 training breaths. If you are involved in other activities, you will likely find using PowerLung a benefit to those activities as well.

The PowerLung® BreatheAir® model is designed for any level of performing artist who has difficulty:
• Breathing deeply and maintaining good form
• Supporting their sound or projecting their voice
• Not breathing between phrases

Better performances with better breathing!

PowerLung is the only product to truly train the muscles you use to inhale and exhale as you breathe in and out through the PowerLung. Control the amount of effort needed for your training with the independently adjustable controls to help you achieve your goals. You can adjust it for low resistance for technique training or endurance, higher resistance to provide the same level resistance as your instrument mouthpiece, or anywhere in between.

Using PowerLung regularly, you can:
• Tone, condition and strengthen all breathing muscles
• Increase volume, exhale flow, and exhale velocity

Here are a few of the ways PowerLung can help you improve your performance:
• Be used for breathing technique exercises and training
• Enhance breathing performance with an abundant volume of air
• Increase your performance and endurance
• Help create muscle memory for your performance breathing

Order today with the no-risk assurance of our Total Satisfaction and Low Price Guarantees!

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