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Home > Orchestral Strings > Violins > Acoustic Violins > Student Violins > Scherl and Roth R102 Series 4/4 Size Violin Outfit
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Item #: 585730 944
Mfg #: R102E4H

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Price: $299.00
Availability: The item is currently out of stock. The expected available date is 10/7/2014.

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#585730 944 4/4 Size

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Product Overview

Crafted for the student.

  • Solid spruce top
    Maple back and sides
    Ebony fingerboard and pegs
    French Aubert bridge
    Wittner tailpiece
    Hand inlaid purfling
    Lacquer varnish finish
    Includes case, bow, and rosin
Product Details

Scherl and Roth R102 Series 4/4 Size Violin Outfit

The Scherl & Roth R102 violin is hand-crafted with a solid spruce top, and maple back and sides. It is fitted with and ebony fingerboard and pegs, a French Aubert bridge, and a genuine Wittner tailpiece. It is adorned with hand inlaid purfling and has a traditional lacquer varnish finish. The R102 violin possesses a forgiving nature and a ready response that encourages student progress. Comes strung with Prelude strings and includes a molded case, bow and rosin.

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Customer Reviews
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22 out of 23 People found this review helpful

Decent Starter Instrument

By A. Lopez from Waldorf, MD on 2/22/2011 12:16:56 AM

I must disclose that I have owned this violin for nearly five years now, and it has put up well with me even when it's handling was at times less than what would be desired when I travel. It's quality is sufficient in bringing out the proper tone and texture a violin should have, so I definitely recommend it for those beginning to learn the violin and play it in the long-term of their lives, for use up until a higher quality instrument can be afforded.. This will especially hold true for those learning in elementary school through high school. To be honest, the fingerboard and neck are not truly black wood, as in the past three years it has begun to show tinges of brown as normal wood should show. Also, be wary of the bridge at some point: it may need to be readjusted. And I do recommend buying a higher-grade Coda bow to replace the one provided when you buy it: it may not be as heavy or strong as some pieces and styles require. Still, this is an investment worth making on an instrument, if at least for several years.

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19 out of 19 People found this review helpful

Great Starting Violin

By Joanne Burns from Springfield, KY on 10/10/2011 10:52:01 AM

My daughter used this use this violin for her first 4 years of playing, it served her well. Would recommend for starting or even experienced players on a budget.

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9 out of 11 People found this review helpful

Great Violin outfit.... could've been fantastic!

By Aaron Shirley from Chesapeake, VA on 12/27/2013 8:05:53 PM

Okay well I love this violin It's self. I'm first going to start with the violin. I went into my local music and arts to purchase this. I was offered to look at three different violins this one another one for $500 and another one close to $900 I first tried the scherl and Roth it was music to my ears (literally) then I tried the $500 and so on and they each began to sound better as you would expect with a more expensive instrument. But for some reason I was drawn to the scherl and Roth one because of the price two because it sounded great and is BEAUTIFUL very beautiful in person nice and dark and since I've rented and owned another vioilin previously it smelled new and perfect it was perfect. So after purchasing out came the case.... Two words very small. I've had a case like this once before and it was a minor set back. There is room of course for necessary essentials accept one vital thing, a shoulder rest! Currently in my case I have two bows (will get to the bow) two things of rosin light and dark, a full set of strings outside of the package and three cloths one in the little compartment under the neck of the violin, one under the scroll of my violin and one on top of the strings and bridge. As you can see it fits a lot but then again you neeed a shoulder rest it is uncomfortable with out it and when its not able to be put in the case there is a higher chance of losing it! That is my only real problem with this outfit. I love this bow I love the fiber glass because I've been through two wooden bows breaking and have experienced my fellow classmates bows snapping in two! This bow is for sure to survive. Next the rosin. The rosin is superb and works great when you don't over rosin your bow you are good to go little to no rosin is left on the body and strings making cleaning quick and easy to keep such a beautiful violin in perfect shape. The bridge is great the finetuners are great the wood is great the violin is fantastic. Also one more thing the fingerboard and pegs ARE true ebony I read another review stating it wasn't that was not true it is. That was confirmed by the professionals at music and arts and by teacher. This is a great violin sure to last me all the way up until I can invest in a professional violin. Great violin!!! I recommend it to anyone!

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