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Home > Brass Instruments > Trumpets > Bb Trumpets > Professional Bb Trumpets > Schilke S32L Bb Trumpet


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Item #: 580536 232 904
Mfg #: 10 S32L

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#580536 232 904 S32L - Silver Tubable Bell

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Product Overview

Magnificent classical Bb.

  • Easy response but with some heightened resistance
    Full, rich tonal center
    Yellow brass with silver plate
    Soldered bell bead
Product Details

Schilke S32L Bb Trumpet

One of Schilke's most popular Bb models, the S32L is ideal for the player who wants an instrument designed for the classical musician that offers an ease of response but slightly more resistance than the B1 or B5 models. The S32 products a full, rich center of sound which is ideal for orchestral, chamber and solo performers. Classical music is surely the S32L's chief application, but it is also excellent in commercial and jazz settings. The color and clarity of this trumpet's voice is a thrill to hear in any context.

Detachable Tuning Bells are available on almost all Schilke custom-built trumpets. The advantage of a trumpet that tunes from the bell is that it moves the “gap” inherent when tuning at the main tuning slide farther away from the mouthpiece receiver. In general, this varies the resistance or feel of the instrument and can open or “free up” the “blow” of the trumpet especially in the upper register.

It is believed that the instrument plays better in tune through the whole working range of the instrument when tuning from the bell. There is less bell bracing so the player generally feels a quicker response because the bell is free to resonate however, the instrument is more fragile because of the lack of bell braces. With a tuning bell instrument, the player has the option to change bells of various tapers and materials to alter the resistance and sound color of the instrument.

Retaining the same response and excellent intonation that is characteristic of the “B” and “X” series models, the "S" series play with a compact, focused, resonant center to the sound. Distinguished by the bell construction, bracing, and different mouth pipe and tuning slide design, the “S” series instruments emphasize the sound core and are ideal for both classical and commercial performance. All “S” series trumpet models share the same bell, which is referred to as a ML bell or a #2 bell. The bell has the same taper as the bell used on the B5 but utilize a yellow brass bell with a soldered bell bead. This feature helps with the sound focus and emphasizes the resonant core of the sound at the louder dynamic levels. The “S” series Main Tuning Slide has a semi-square shaped bow with a brace providing additional resistance and sound focus rather than the rounded “brace-less” slide on the “B” and “X” series models.

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  • Bore: ML -.460"
    Bell: ML – 5"
    Yellow Brass Bell with #2 taper
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