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Home > Brass Instruments > Brass Accessories > Brass Mouthpieces > Trumpet Mouthpieces > Schilke Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Group I In Silver

Trumpet Mouthpieces

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Item #: 475220 978 902
Mfg #: 25 10A4a

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Price: $52.99 - $54.95
This Item requires building a kit.
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Product Overview

Standard mouthpieces from a highly respected manufacturer.

Product Details

Schilke Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Group I In Silver

These are Schilke's standard mouthpieces. They are professional quality brass mouthpieces that are appropriate to professional applications, but mouthpieces in general are a sufficiently affordable and absolutely essential part of a trumpet player's equipment, that even if you do not yet have a pro horn, you will benefit by getting a good quality mouthpiece. The Schiclke standard mouthpieces are among the best.

The Schilke mouthpiece identification and l;abeling system consists of four components. The first is a number, which refers to the diameter of the mouthpiece cup (the smaller numbers have smaller diameters). The second is a capital letter, which refers to the volume of the cup, that is to say it depth, from shallow to large (A being shallow and E being large). The third component is another number that refers to the rim countour, from round to flat (1 being the roundest and 5 being the flattest), and finally, a lower case letter that describes the backbore, from tight to large (a to e). Pretty simple. And that's how you get the Schilke mouthpiece you want.

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