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Price: $24.95
Item #: H71766
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Secrets of the Pros From the Studio to Your Stereo: Volume II DVD-Rom (RMS-002)Online Only
Product Overview

Will speed you through years of learning studio secrets.

  • World-class, hi-quality training from experts on:
    Editing tachniques
    MIDI explanation
    EQ - the basics
    Compressors - the basics
    Delays - the basics
    Reverbs - the basics
    Other plug-ins and more
    Learn from audio industry experts
Product Details

Secrets of the Pros From the Studio to Your Stereo: Volume II DVD-Rom

This is volume 2 of the recording and mixing series. This DVD-Rom teaches the basics of MIDI, editing, mixing, and processing (EQ, compressors, delays, reverbs, ect...)

This volume picks up where volume 1 left off with more essential info to get you creating your music faster and easier. You won't find this kind of info in a manual. Learn from industry pros how to get great results.

Any inexpensive home recording system or digital audio workstation is very powerful, and also extremely complicated. Without high-quality training you will have to spend a long time trying to figure out how to use your equipment, and even longer trying to develop the best techniques to let your creativity flow. Manuals are never enough as we've all experienced again and again. The From the Studio to Your Stereo: Volume II DVD-Rom will help you speed through years of learing within a matter of hours.

Order today with the no-risk assurance of our Total Satisfaction and Low Price Guarantees!

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