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Home > Accessories > Practice Accessories > Finger Exercisers > Shredneck Zakk Wylde Signature Practice Guitar Neck

Hand & Finger Exercisers

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Item #: 502346 700
Mfg #: SN7-ZCM-GH

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Price: $76.99
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Product Overview

The Shredneck is the closest thing to playing guitar other than actually playing guitar!

Product Details

Shredneck Zakk Wylde Signature Practice Guitar Neck

The Shredneck company designed the Shredneck to satisfy your insatiable desire to shred anytime, anyplace. No matter if you're in a car, bus, train, plane, subway, at school, at work, or on the way to a gig, the Shredneck is a practice and warm-up tool perfect for moments when your axe is not immediately available.

The Zakk Wylde Signature Shredneck plays and feels like the first 7 frets of a guitar. The tuning machines are used to adjust the string tension to accommodate different playing styles and situations. The fret spacing and neck width are modeled after the first seven frets of a standard electric guitar.

You can work on lightning fast runs, finger movements, chords, percussive elements, or simply warm up your hands in anticipation of playing guitar. Unlike hand exercisers, which generally have been designed for therapeutic reasons and not to help improve your guitar playing skills, this handy guitar neck has been specifically designed to help you warm-up for gigs, develop your playing skills, and maintain and build calluses. It is even ideal for student players and guitar teachers when having a full-size instrument in a classroom is inconvenient.

The Shredneck has tuning machines, however, they are not used to tune the Shredneck. The tuning machines are designed to hold the strings and make tension adjustments. The Shredneck can even be converted for left-handed players because it's designed with fret position markers on both sides of the fingerboard. Remove the guitar strings and turn around both nuts and reverse the strings. You can use any strings you like on the Shredneck.

The Shredneck will help you develop your playing skills, particularly your fingering and playing speed. Since the Shredneck uses real strings and frets, you will also develop the calluses needed for playing. The Shredneck is an ideal way to warm-up before playing or performing, and you can also use the Shredneck to stay warmed-up between sets.

The Zakk Wylde Signature Shrednecks are modeled after 3 of his most famous guitar finishes:

The Zakk Wylde black and white bulls-eye model option:
This option is modeled after Zakk Wylde's famous white and black bull's-eye finish. It's finished off with gold hardware and includes a "picking route" between the 7th fret and nut.

The Zakk Wylde orange and black buzz-saw model option:

This option is modeled after Zakk Wylde's notorious orange and black buzz-saw finish. It's topped off with chrome hardware and includes a "picking route" between the 7th fret and nut.

The Zakk Wylde camouflage model option:

This option is modeled after Zakk Wylde's well-known camouflage finish. It's rounded out with a maple fingerboard, gold hardware, and includes a "picking route" between the 7th fret and nut.

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