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Home > Drum & Percussion > Electronic Drums > Drum Amplifiers > Simmons DA200S Electronic Drum Set Monitor

Drums & Percussion

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Item #: 490556
Mfg #: DA200S

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Price: $319.99 Restock from: $249.99
This Item requires building a kit.
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Product Overview

Delivers the volume you need.

  • General features
    Soft touch knobs (adjustable with your drum stick)
    Ribbed handle for easy transport
    Protective, long-lasting carpet covering
    High-frequency tweeters for cymbal clarity
    Heavy-duty midrange speakers for punchy mid-frequency response
    Heavy-Duty 12" Down-firing sub-woofer for enhanced bass response (internal)
    Heavyweight steel grille
    Slot-port for enhanced cabinet with efficiency and bottom-end projection

    Front panel features
    Drum Inputs: 1/4" input jacks (left and right)
    Aux Input: 1/4" stereo jack used for connecting any pre-EQ source such as a click track, additional digital instruments, devices, drum pad MPC machines, etc.
    Drum Volume to control the volume level of the Drum Inputs to the power amplifier
    Aux Volume to control the volume level of the Aux Input
    Equalization section with low, mid, and high knobs to control the overall tone
    Sub controls the volume of the low frequency sub-woofer
    Master: This controls the overall volume of the amplifier
    Line In: 1/8" stereo line input which bypasses the EQ tone controls and feeds straight into the power amplifier, perfect for using CD or MP3 players to play along with
    Headphone Jack: 1/8" stereo output jack which combines all inputs from your drums, Aux Input, and Line In for monitoring your drums during live performances

    Back panel features:
    Left and Right Line Outs: balanced XLR Line Outs provide quiet, noise-free signal flow through a standard mic cable or snake to a recording or live console
    Volume Control for Line Outs: completely independent from the Master volume on the front panel, allowing you to set your feed level to a mixing console
    Ground Lift: to eliminate hum or buzz that may exist if there is a ground loop created between any stage gear and the PA system
    Extension Speakers Jacks: deliver the full 200 watts of power to the internal speakers. In addition, you may use these jacks with un-powered speakers to widen your stereo field for the midrange and high frequencies
Product Details

Simmons DA200S Electronic Drum Set Monitor

The Simmons DA200S houses a 100-watt low-frequency amp with two 50-watt mid- and high-frequency amps. The low-frequency amp powers a heavy-duty 12" down-firing sub-woofer speaker and a specially designed slot port for bottom-end projection. Left and right mid- and high-frequency amps drive 2-6-1/2" mid-range speakers and 2-1/2" high-frequency tweeters.

The DA200S maintains the integrity of the stereo drum signal from input to speakers (including line outs and extension speaker jacks). This provides a broad stereo field that positions your drums at their correct sonic locations, providing a realistic audio experience for you and your audience, whether you're in the studio or playing live.

Order today with the no-risk assurance of our Total Satisfaction and Low Price Guarantees!

  • Output power (RMS 1%)
    50 Watts @ 8 Ohms (x2) Tweeter Internal Speakers (Stereo)
    50 Watts @ 4 Ohms (x2) Midrange Internal Speakers (Stereo)
    100 Watts @ 8 Ohms (x1) Subwoofer Internal Speaker (Mono)
    500 mWatts @ 32 Ohms (x2) output to Headphones (Stereo)

    Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz, tailored for accurate acoustic response for electronic drums
    Hum and Noise: -60 dBV with all controls turned down, -55 dBV with all controls turned halfway
    Input Impedance: 10K Ohms through all inputs

    Input Levels
    -16 dBV Drum Inputs to achieve full output
    - 20 dBV Aux to achieve full output
    -10 dBV Line In to achieve full output

    External Outputs
    Max external speaker output: 30 Watts (x2) extension speaker jacks are wired in series with internal midrange speakers.
    XLR-Balanced line outputs adjustable from off (CCW) to 0 dBV (CW). Wiring follows IEC268 standard (pin1 shield, 2 +, and 3 —).
    (All measurements made at 1 kHz, EQ controls flat and volumes Max.)

    Tone controls (EQ centers): 50 Hz, 800 Hz, 10 kHz, 3 band, +/—12 dB

    AC power requirements: 400 watts at full output, 14 watts at idle

    12" (305 mm) woofer special design, 8 Ohms rated 150 Watts RMS
    2 x 6.5" (165 mm) midrange special design, 4 Ohms rated 65 Watts RMS
    2 x 2.5" (64 mm) tweeter special design, 8 Ohms bullet horn rated 50 Watts RMS

    Dimensions (English) 16 1/2" deep, 17 3/4" wide, 20" tall, including feet (420 cm Deep, 450 cm Wide, 508 cm Tall)
    Weight: 57 lbs./25.8 kg
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