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Item #: 702936
Mfg #: SQ-MQ-H

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Product Overview

Your quest for MIDI management ends here.

  • Works on both Macs and

    Patch/Parameter Editors
    Every editor is uniquely designed to match the instrument
    Open any combination of editors that you wish, including multiple editors for the same instrument
    Choose your preferred editing style
    Easy-to-use, grab-and-drag editing
    Direct numeric entry from the computer keyboard
    Mouse Wheel
    CC automation to remotely edit parameters using controls on a synthesizer or external MIDI hardware
    Extended editing pop-up mode for parameters with large data ranges
    Pop-up numeric equivalent for all graphic parameters for accurate editing
    MIDI keyboard based zone and velocity editing
    25 different control types to optimally display each parameter
    Extensive patch auditioning options
    Randomize, restore, or copy & paste any combination of parameters
    All edits automatically sent to the instrument so the instrument stays in sync with your editor
    VNRPN (Virtual Non-Registered Parameter Numbers) allow you to assign any controller to any parameter in an editor for remote control editing
    Edit patches individually or from a bank
    Simultaneously edit as many different patches as you want
    Save edited patches to source location or any other location in another bank
    Customize and enhance editors with the Panel Editor
    Combi/Multi editors show names of selected sounds
    Customize your editors with your own unique Midi Quest "Skins"

    Bank Editors
    Intuitive multiple patch drag and drop interface copies or swaps patches within the current bank or within another bank
    Real-time auditioning to listen to any patch in the bank at any time
    Parent/Child relationship tracking ensures performances continue to reference the correct sounds even during bank reorganization
    Parent/Child copying ensures sounds used by a performance are also copied
    Automated display of sound names used by each performance
    All sounds used by a performance automatically tagged reducing risk of accidental overwriting
    Printable listings of all bank patches along with parent/child relationships
    Unlimited undo
    5 different patch generation tools to create unique and usable new sounds
    Simultaneously edit as many different banks as you want
    Automated transfer of patches into patch libraries

    Provides integration between each type of SysX data allowing you to treat an instrument as a whole
    Maintains the intelligent integrated Parent/Child hierarchical editing
    Open an unlimited number of Sets from any combination of instruments

    Store all instrument patches in a single searchable location
    Libraries hold a virtually unlimited number of patches
    Find all duplicates
    Automated intelligent keyword assignment
    Keyword sensitive auditioning
    Find similar sounds or patches
    Add descriptive comments to each sound
    Add identifying keywords to find specific patch types
    Sort sounds 3 ways

    Store patches & banks from any combination of MIDI devices together in one file
    Create and restore complete MIDI System "Snapshot"s with one click

    Save & load all types of SysX data from each instrument
    Librarian Drivers support 650+ instruments
    Open an unlimited number of Banks, Sets, Collections, and Libraries
    3 types of MIDI THRU re-channelization
    Hands-off automated control of your patch bay
    Export SysX in standard MIDI file, MIDIX/Cakewalk, and Text formats
    Transmit MIDIX format files to your instruments
    Unique online "Fast Tips" help simplify MIDI communication
    Configurable file extensions & customizable storage directories for each instrument
    Store and retrieve entire screen layouts
    Internal support for 256 individual MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports
    "File Linking" allows many files to use the same data

    Sound Checker
    Comprehensive sound auditioning tools for sound development/auditioning
    Standard MIDI File Sequencer plays Type 0 and Type 1 files
    All functions are active while playing
    Complete graphic MIDI systems analysis
    Trigger custom defined notes, chords, and arpeggios

    Support for over 650 MIDI devices
    Save and Load instrument data to and from disk
    Supports all MIDI instrument/device data types
    MIDI interface: any MIDI interface with Windows drivers
    DVD version includes over 12 hours of video tutorials
    DVD version includes an more than 70,000 unique patches along with other SysX data
    No copy protection
    Easy-to-use program installer
    New and updated instrument support downloaded and installed from within Midi Quest
    Read data files from DOS, Mac, Amiga and Atari versions of Midi Quest
    Extensive editing and organizational tools
Product Details

Sound Quest MIDI Quest 10

It's safe to say Sound Quest knows a thing or two about MIDI. Not only did they invent the idea of using audio plug-in formats to virtualize hardware synthesizers, but their MIDI Quest product, first released in 1989, is the oldest actively supported software dedicated to maximizing your MIDI hardware.

The latest version, MIDI Quest 10, provides a set of fully integrated tools that not only display, edit, and organize the settings of your instrument, but maintains the relationships between the various data types in your instrument too. Easily drag and drop patches between banks to create new banks of sounds. Making a new bank of combis or multis is also simple as MIDI Quest copies over the selected performances along with all the sounds needed for them to work properly.

Not an expert on synth programming but want some new sounds for your instrument? MIDI Quest has your back again, with uncomplicated click-and-go tools that do all the thinking for you. The easy-to-comprehend interface uses the entire computer screen, so you can tweak every parameter in your instrument without spending all your creative time searching through tons of submenus.

Supporting more than 650 synthesizers, drum machines, effects, and various MIDI devices, MIDI Quest is the kind of customizable, universal editor and librarian you can trust to keep your MIDI hardware in line.

Order today with the no-risk assurance of our Total Satisfaction and Low Price Guarantees!

  • Minimum Requirements: Windows XP, 2000, NT, PI with 32 MB RAM, 30 MB hard drive space

    Suggested Hardware: P3/Celeron with 64MB, 30 MB hard drive space
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