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Price: $17.50
Item #: 473288
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The Doctor's Products The "Legend" Clarinet Swab (Da1)Online Only
Product Overview

One pull is all you need.

Product Details

The Doctor's Products The "Legend" Clarinet Swab

The Doctor's Products The "Legend" Clarinet Swab

Design elements and materials in woodwind swabs have improved little in the last hundred years and also their efficiency at removing moisture from the bores of woodwind instruments. This has all changed with aeronautical design software which can predict the best shape profile for a swab to give the most contact (ballooning principle) with the bore surface. The missing element, until now, has been a way to control the folding and compression characteristics of the swab as it enters the bore to avoid improper folding giving only "edge effect" contact with the bore. A chance meeting with a Japanese Shibori expert (Shibori is the revered ancient Asian art of folding fabric to form intricate patterns) resulted in a revolutionary solution. The Shibori expert showed me that addition of a carefully defined notch in the leading edge of the swab would cause it to assume the desired shape and complete contact of the silk with the surface of the bore. This Shibori notch (Pat. Applied for) produces superior contact of the "aerodynamic balloon form" custom silk used in the swab and allows complete moisture absorption with a single slow pass through the bore. The new Black "Legend" Swab takes swab technology into a new realm of effectiveness and ease of use with exclusive heavy quality charmeuse silk, anti-clog design, correctly sized and designed weight, and long braided nylon ribbon double stitched into the swab body. Look no further for the best swab on the market.

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By Heather from New Jersey on 2/18/2011 11:24:48 PM

This clarinet swab is legendary as the name states. The string is long enough to reach all the way through the clarinet, even with the mouthpiece. Its thin, black silk takes all the moisture out of my clarinet in just one pull! I highly recommend this swab for any clarinet player.

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