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Upgraded Your Sound

Upgrade Your Sound

Beginner instruments are designed for basic musical styles. As students advance, so should their instruments. During UPGRADE YOUR SOUND in October and November, Music & Arts provides you with amazing discounts, special financing, online and in-store offers to take your performance to the next level!

In addition to these great deals, we invite you to attend an Upgrade Your Sound event near you! At these events, you will experience the LARGEST assortment of band and orchestral instruments in the area. Instrument specialists will be on-hand to help you select the right instrument for you AND get that instrument in your hand at a price that you will love! So grab that bow, those reeds, and that mouthpiece and RSVP to Upgrade Your Sound.

Event Schedule

Horns Of Plenty Upgrade Your Sound
Date Time Address City State
NOV 1, 2014 10AM - 4PM 4755 Kimball Bridge Road Alpharetta GA
NOV 8, 2014 10AM - 5PM 19075 Interstate 45 S Suite 111H Shenandoah TX
NOV 8, 2014 10AM - 6PM 43 North State Street Westerville OH
NOV 11, 2014 4PM - 9PM 360 E FM 3040 Suite 820 Lewisville TX
NOV 15, 2014 10AM - 3PM 1412 Greenbrier Parkway #126 Chesapeake VA
NOV 15, 2014 2PM - 6PM 1 South Grady Way Renton WA
NOV 29, 2014 10AM - 5PM 2541 S IH-35, Suite 750 Round Rock TX
DEC 6, 2014 10AM - 2PM 3919 Concord Pike Wilmington DE
DEC 6, 2014 10AM - 6PM 426 Crossroads Blvd Cary NC
DEC 6, 2014 10AM - 2PM 504 S. State College Blvd Anaheim CA
String Showcase Upgrade Your Sound
Date Time Address City State
OCT 25, 2014 10AM - 2PM 891 E Baseline Road Suite 101 Gilbert AZ
OCT 25, 2014 10AM - 3PM 2916 Chain Bridge Rd Oakton VA
NOV 1, 2014 10AM - 3PM 9210 Baltimore National Pike,
Suite W-7
Ellicott City MD
NOV 4, 2014 4PM - 9PM 360 E FM 3040 Suite 820 Lewisville TX
NOV 8, 2014 10AM - 2PM 8320 N Thornydale Rd Ste 150/170 Tucson AZ
NOV 8, 2014 10AM - 3PM 8029 Sudley Rd Manassas VA
NOV 15, 2014 10AM - 2PM 1 South Grady Way Renton WA
NOV 22, 2014 10AM - 2PM 3375 Route 1 Ste 150 Lawrenceville NJ
NOV 29, 2014 10AM - 2PM 490 Easton Rd Horsham PA
NOV 29, 2014 11AM - 4PM 10701 Rockville Pike North Bethesda MD
DEC 13, 2014 10AM - 5PM 19075 Interstate 45 S Suite 111H Shenandoah TX
DEC 13, 2014 10AM - 3PM 762 Route 17 North Paramus NJ



Special Interview with Denis Diblasio


The Value in Upgrading Your Instrument

By Yamaha Flute/Saxophone Artist Denis DiBlasio

What inspired you to play music and stay involved with it?

Definitely my parents – they both loved music. Through them, I could see music wasn’t just something to do, it was something that nourished the soul, offered a place to go and it was fun.

When do you think is the right time for a student to consider upgrading their instrument?

It’s one of those things where you should ask yourself, “Do I want to be more serious about playing?” If your answer is yes, it’s definitely worth it to try out several instrument models so you can get a feel for what tone you want out of your instrument. If the answer is no, stick with what you’ve got and keep playing! When I was a kid, I played football and played music – 60 years later, I can’t play football, but I can definitely play my instruments.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of playing on an upgrade instrument model?

Beginner instruments are kind of like your first car – it’s meant to get a little roughed up and is easier to handle. When you get into the intermediate and professional instruments, you’ll find the construction of the instruments is more finessed to give you more flexible playing, better tone and resonance and more.

What are some tips you can offer to help a musician pick their next instrument?

Definitely bring a tuner with you. New instruments need to break-in and calibrate so when you first try one out, it will be a very different experience than what you’re used to playing. I’d also try to play against a wall or use a sound mirror to really hear yourself.

Often times we see students buy an upgraded instrument, but not a better mouthpiece or reeds, for example. What do you recommend?

Good reeds and mouthpieces can make a huge impact on your sound, but, if you’re searching for a particular tone, I always recommend listening to great musicians to figure out the kind of sound you want before investing. Also, I always like to try a new instrument with the mouthpiece I currently play on and then try out a new mouthpiece to identify the differences.

Denis DiBlasio directs the jazz program and is also the Executive Director of The Maynard Ferguson Institute of Jazz at Rowan University in New Jersey. He has nine recordings of his own along with published texts, arrangements and compositions. DiBlasio continues to travel around the world performing and teaching. His inspirational connection with young musicians is what makes a DiBlasio workshop so special. Keeping things attainable and fun make up the foundation of his friendly approach.

Special Interview with Carol Jantsch

Courtesy of Christopher Kadish Photography©
Courtesy of Christopher Kadish Photography©

Tips for players who want to continue their musical journey

By Yamaha Tuba & Euphonium Artist Carol Jantsch

“If a new instrument can change your musical experience, it’s obviously worth investing in. You’re going to get better because you like playing more.”

What inspired you to play music and stick with it? I’d say my first real experience with loving music came from watching cartoons like Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry – the music is just awesome! My mom made me take private piano lessons at six-years-old which wasn’t a choice at first, ha! When I was 9-years-old I started on the euphonium. I went to Interlochen Arts Academy summer camps and eventually enrolled in the school my sophomore year; it was there I knew I wanted to keep playing.

As the first female tuba player in a major symphony orchestra, what would you say to aspiring musicians who believe some instruments are only meant to be played based on your gender?

Who cares about what other people think of the instrument you choose to play – if you’re good at it, they’ll respect you for that.

When do you think is the right time for a student to consider upgrading their instrument? It’s a personal decision about knowing when to upgrade your instrument. If you’ve felt held back as a musician, there is a great feeling that comes with getting a new instrument because it lets you enjoy the experience rather than feeling stunted. When I didn’t have an instrument that could handle all the things I’d be doing as I played more, that’s when I knew I needed to look into something better.

What do you look for in an upgraded instrument model? I actually don’t know enough about the specifics to make a decision. For me, it all comes down to the sound. You have to be in love with the sound you produce on an instrument because you can’t change it that much. There’s an element of “gut reaction” when you first play a new instrument.

What are some tips you can offer to help a musician pick their next instrument? Definitely bring another person whose ears you trust! You’ll have your own reaction to the sound, but it could come out completely different on the other end of the instrument. You can also bring a recorder and listen to yourself play.

Is there anything else you’d recommend to a musician investing in a new instrument? Definitely invest in maintaining your instrument, too. Issues such as gummy valves for example can hold you back and keep you from experiencing the full potential of your instrument and your musicianship.

  • TIP: Take your valves out (keep track of which one is which!) and rinse them with a little soap and lukewarm water. It’s like brushing your teeth – you’ve got to keep the gunk off!
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Buy a one-year instrument maintenance agreement with us and get an additional month for free. Buy a two-year instrument maintenance agreement and get two months for free. See local store associate for more details.

Carol Jantsch has been principal tuba of The Philadelphia Orchestra since 2006 making her the first female tuba player in a major symphony orchestra. She attended the prestigious arts boarding high school Interlochen Arts Academy, graduating as salutatorian of her class. She continued her studies at the University of Michigan under Fritz Kaenzig. Jantsch has given masterclasses in Europe, Asia and North America. She is on the faculty at the Curtis Institute of Music, Temple University's Boyer College of Music, and the Yale University School of Music.

Carol’s gear list


Congratulations to the winner of the Upgrade Your Sound Sweepstakes! S. Morsled from Houston, Texas

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