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Home > Woodwinds > Woodwind Accessories > Reeds > Clarinet Reeds > Bb Clarinet Reeds > Vandoren V12 Bb Clarinet Reeds


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Item #: 462745 827 166
Mfg #: CR1925

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Price: $33.95
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Product Overview

A clarinet reed designed for the advanced player.

Product Details

Vandoren V12 Bb Clarinet Reeds

V12 reeds have a thicker tip and longer pallet that results in a deeper, richer sound with body to the attack. This cut is a favorite among clarinetists world-wide. It is designed for the advanced clarinetist, and recommended for long-facing mouthpieces such as the 5RVLyre and B45. It is known for its precise attack, homogenous timbre in every register, controllability in the high register, and overall warm and velvety sound.

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Customer Reviews
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2 out of 5 People found this review helpful

Great tone, easy to play on

By Elisa Gentry from Orange Park, FL on 2/17/2011 10:06:33 PM

These reeds, like any others, take a week or so to break in, but after that, they create a dark, rich, beautiful tone. Not every reed in a normal Vandoren box will do this; with the V-12's, I find that almost all of them perform similarly (this is another advantage to getting the V-12's: they are consistent). After I first got them, they were too soft, but after they were broken in, they were nice and easy to play on; I am never made to sacrifice ease of playing for a good tone, as I sometimes have to when using the normal Vandorens. The only thing that a buyer should be aware of is that the V12s are made a tad thicker than the normal Vandorens, so I recommend trying a half step less in size than what one normally plays on (I normally play on a 3 1/2 on any other reed, but a 3 on V-12's). Some experimentation may be necessary. Overall, I highly recommend these reeds over any others: they are easy to play one whilst still giving a lovely tone, and they perform consistently.

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3 out of 4 People found this review helpful

great reeds for a Great musician

By Brittany Munoz from Dallas, Tx on 2/15/2011 10:43:55 PM

stunning reeds! especially for those who wish to possess a better tone or want a little challenge :D

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4 out of 5 People found this review helpful

Consistency is key

By Becky H. from Rochester, NY on 3/6/2011 12:13:21 AM

I've been using these reeds since I began studying clarinet in college. They come individually wrapped in the box so when they are shipped they maintain the same state as that of when they are made at the factory. As with all reeds, they will need to have a break in period, usually a couple days (give or take, it will depend on your level and how often you play). If you are switching from the standard Vandorens, I recommend that you go down a 1/2 strength to start. There's lots of room to grow on these reeds, I started with 3s and now I play on 4s (with braces so players with braces don't worry!). I definitely recommend these reeds to high school level or higher clarinetists!

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