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Home > Keyboards & MIDI > Digital Pianos > Home Digital Pianos > Yamaha Arius YDP181 88-Key Digital Piano with Bench

Digital Pianos

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Item #: 430606
Mfg #: YDP181

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Price: $1,699.95 Restock from: $1,359.99
This Item requires building a kit.
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Product Overview

An 88-key digital piano with a graded-hammer keyboard and bench that's ideal for beginning students and experienced players alike.

  • Keyboard:
    Touch response: hard, medium, soft, fixed
    Type: GH

    Number of voices: 14
    Number of polyphony: 128
    Piano voice quality: AWM dynamic stereo sampling
    Number of dynamic steps: 3

    Reverb: 4 types
    Effect: 4 types
    Brilliance: yes
    Damper resonance: yes
    Dual: yes
    Split: no

    Playback: number of preset songs: 14 (voice demo), 50 (piano)
    Recording: number of songs: 3; number of tracks: 2

    Metronome: yes

    Pedals: number of pedals: 3 (damper with half pedal effect, sostenuto and soft)

    Overall control:
    Tempo: yes
    Transpose: yes
    Tuning: yes
    Scale tuning: yes

    Display: type: 7-segment LED

    Jacks and terminals:
    MIDI: In/Out

    To host: no
    Headphone: 2
    AUX. In (L/L+R, R): no
    AUX. Out (L/L+R, R): no
    AUX. Out (L, R): no
    USB to device: yes

    Outboard content:
    Song: pianosoft solo: yes

    Output: 20W x 2
    Speaker: 16cm x 2
    Speaker/headphones control: yes

    Key cover: sliding
    Headphone hanger: yes

    AC power cord included
Product Details

Yamaha Arius YDP181 88-Key Digital Piano with Bench

The Yamaha Arius Series provides true piano sound and feel. The graded-hammer keyboard of the Yamaha Arius YDP181 digital piano makes it a true joy to play both in practice and in performance. The 3-level AWM dynamic stereo sampling voices deliver remarkably authentic sound. Moreover, the damper pedal includes a half-damper effect, giving you nuanced expressive control over the sustained sound. The Yamaha Arius digital piano's dual voice capability lets you play two different instrument sounds at the same time, while a 2-track song recorder allows you to capture original musical ideas and performances. Comes with Headphone Hanger, Song Book "50 greats for the Piano" and BC-100 Standard Bench.

Graded Hammer (GH) keyboard:
Just as on a traditional acoustic piano, lower notes on a GH keyboard have a heavier touch while the higher notes are more responsive to lighter playing. The Yamaha Arius digital piano's GH keyboard features an extra key sensor capable of reproducing fast, repetitive playing of a single note with perfect articulation.

Variable touch sensitivity:
Select the hard, medium, or soft setting to match your playing style or finger strength. Turn off sensitivity for a fixed response setting, which is ideal when playing the organ.

Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) dynamic stereo sampling:
The 88-key Yamaha Arius digital piano comes equipped with AWM (Advanced Wave Memory), a sampling system that creates the realism of an acoustic instrument by using digital technology to record the instrument sound and apply high-quality digital filter technology to the recorded audio samples. The waveform of the sound created by playing the key of an acoustic piano differs depending on the playing strength from pianissimo to fortissimo. AWM dynamic stereo sampling can produce dynamic nuances by recording samples of various playing strengths. The greater the number of samples used, the higher the expression.

128-note polyphony:
Conventional digital pianos quickly run out of notes during fast, dense legato passages: sustained notes are cut off as the instrument "steals" notes to make room for new notes. On the YDP-181, a maximum of 128 notes can be played all at once.

Damper resonance:
Damper resonance samples provide the rich and broadening tones produced in pedaling. Using these comprehensive gradations, the Yamaha Arius YDP181 can realistically reproduce the complex sounds of a grand piano.

Half-pedal control:
Half-pedal control allows the sustain length to vary step-by-step depending on how far the pedal is pressed. The farther you press the pedal, the more the sound sustains.

Song recorder:
The electronic piano's built-in, 2-track performance memory allows you to record a backing track and then step into the spotlight and solo over it. Best of all, you can change tempo or voices even after you've recorded your performance. The Yamaha Arius digital piano also a built-in metronome to help you stay in perfect time.

50 preset piano songs:
The Yamaha digital piano also has a selection of 50 different piano songs built-in for your listening pleasure. These recordings were chosen for their beauty as well as their functionality. Since many of the songs are classic piano pieces, anyone taking lessons can use them as a reference.

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Customer Reviews
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3 out of 4 People found this review helpful


By Matthew from Lake Mary, Florida on 2/15/2011 10:45:25 PM

I absolutely love this digit piano, I have had many hours enjoying this. It feels very close to the acoustic piano I have. I would definately recommend this.

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7 out of 8 People found this review helpful

Better than Acoustic

By Chris from Centereach, ny on 2/17/2011 12:33:20 PM

Was very impressed by the look and feel of this piano. It has all of the traits of an acoustic with all of the benefits of an electric. I am amazed by the sound quality and design. It's real wood look makes it a perfect piece of furniture for any room. As an active piano player, I would truly recommend this model for any piano player.

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5 out of 5 People found this review helpful

Great piano

By B Barrett from Conroe, TX on 2/17/2011 12:25:25 PM

This electric keyboard is one of the best I've played on in quite some time. The sound is incredible! The versatility of the sound is also a plus when you're using it on different occasions. It's easy to work and sounds beautiful. A++ on this one!

Was this review helpful to you? /