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Item #: 950143
Mfg #: EV12090

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Product Overview

A complete and user-friendly method for the beginning violinist.

  • Full-motion videos guide children through songs and playing techniques
    Animated fingerboard shows correct fingerings as the music plays
    Finger Tracker listens as you play and shows you whether your fingers are placed correctly
    Includes interactive games which make learning fun
    Additional accessories include an automatic tuner, metronome, and digital recorder

    CD-ROM drive required
    Mac/PC compatible
Product Details

eMedia My Violin (CD-ROM)

Despite being one of the most beautiful stringed instruments ever created, the violin is usually used as comedic fodder in movies and sitcoms with children horribly screeching through their practice. Now your child wants to join the school orchestra and you can't help but fear this may be your reality.

One way to avoid, or at least shorten the time your student makes those ear-piercing fundamental mistakes, is by getting them the instructional CD-ROM by eMedia, My Violin. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, the animated character Val the Violin and the real-life teacher Sabina Skalar, a New York City Ballet violinist, will help them learn what notes are found where, how to read notation, and, eventually how to play songs well enough to make any parent proud. An animated fingerboard and MIDI tracks show your young pupil where to place their fingers and allows them to speed up or slow down the live recorded tracks so they can learn the songs properly at their own pace. The Finger Tracker feature is a handy tool which listens to their playing and shows whether fingers were placed correctly or not. Additional features include an automatic tuner, metronome, and digital recorder to help them work on their ear and rhythm.

After finishing My Violin's lesson plan, your child will be ready to take the stage and you'll be able to leave the earplugs at home.

Order today with the no-risk assurance of our Total Satisfaction and Low Price Guarantees!

  • System Requirements:

    Power PC G3 or better (Intel OK)
    Mac OS X 10.3 or later
    64 MB of free RAM, CD-ROM
    256+ color display, speakers or headphones

    Pentium II PC
    Windows XP/Vista
    64 MB of free RAM, CD-ROM
    Sound card, 256+ color display, speakers or headphones
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