Frequently Asked Questions

How to order an Instrument Rental

How do I complete a rental agreement?

Rent Online in 6 Easy Steps!

After clicking on "Rentals" from the home page:

  1. Enter your zip code
  2. Select Your School (if applicable)
  3. Select Your Instrument
  4. Choose Your Delivery Method
  5. Select your method book and supplies
  6. Checkout
Why do you need my child's school information?

Your child's teacher may prefer certain instrument brands and supplies and there is most often a required method book. We ask for your child's school to ensure you receive the correct products.

What if I can't locate my school in the school finder?

Please be sure you are searching for your school using its "full official" name, not by abbreviations that may be better known in the community. For example, a school may be known as Wright Middle, but its "full official" name may be Frank Lloyd Wright Middle School. Frank Lloyd Wright Middle School should be used to search. If you are still having trouble finding your school, please contact us at 888-731-5396, or send us an email.

What if I don't see my instrument?

Your instrument type may not be available for rental. Please contact us at 888-731-5396 should you have any questions.

About the Instrument Rental Plan

Is it better to rent or to buy an instrument?

Renting is an affordable way to try an instrument without a purchase investment, and with no obligation to buy. 100% of rental payments apply towards purchase of an instrument, and you can return anytime. Most importantly, you're assured of getting a quality educator-approved instrument, which allows the student the greatest chance of success. Borrowed instruments from family or friends may need expensive repairs to make them playable.

How long will it take to receive my rental instrument?

Ship to Home: If you select "As Soon As Possible", your rental will be shipped same day (if prior to 2pm EST) or next day (if after 2pm EST).

Delivery to School: Your instrument will be delivered to your child's school at the time and day requested by the music teacher.

Pickup in Store: The store will contact you when your instrument is ready for pickup (usually less than 48 hours)

Do you offer Express Shipping for Instrument Rentals?

We are sorry, but we do not currently offer express shipping on rental instruments.

How long is the Initial Rental Period?

The "Initial Rental Period" may vary by region, and can be found on the Instrument Selection/Pricing page. This is the minimum rental agreement length. You may return your instrument any time after the Initial Rental Period.

Does my rent go towards purchasing an instrument?

Yes. While you are renting, you earn "credit" toward the purchase of a student instrument. When you are ready to purchase, please contact a Rental Associate at 888-731-5396 for specific details.

Do you offer a maintenance plan?

A credit card or debit card is required should you order online. The card you use for the initial payment will be automatically set up on our Easy Pay program for payment of the monthly re-rental of the instrument. Remember, you can return at any time after the initial rental period ends.

Why do I need a credit card to rent?

Some of our prices are so low that manufacturers have requested that we not post them on our web site. Call us at 877-280-2787 for the latest info or to place an order.

Do I have to pay return shipping?

No. Should you wish to return your rental instrument, please contact us at 888-731-5396 for a Return Authorization and instructions.

About Rental Instruments & Accessories

Is my rental instrument going to be new?

Most of our rental instruments are like new. We strongly recommend renting a previously rented instrument, as they are fully shop adjusted to playing condition. This is also a great way for your child to get used to handling the instrument before they get a brand new one. Your rental payments do apply toward the purchase of a new instrument within the first year, and any instrument of equal or greater value thereafter. When you are sure your child will continue with the instrument and you are ready to purchase, please contact us at 888-731-5396 for further details.

What brand will my rental instrument be?

We offer all educator approved, major brand instruments such as Yamaha, Selmer, and Eastman for rental. You can be assured that when you rent from us, you will receive a quality instrument that meets the requirements of your school's music program.

What comes with the instrument rental?

All instruments include a protective case. In addition, other maintenance items are included free of charge. You can view a list of these items on the Instrument Selection/Pricing page (after clicking "Rentals" from the home page and entering your zip code and school information) within the description of each page.

How do I know what supplies and book(s) my child will need?

The best place to start is with your music teacher. They most likely have specific recommendations regarding what items are needed for your class. Many times we know what additional supplies your music teacher recommends, and if so, these items will be conveniently added to your shopping cart.

What is in a "starter kit"?

The starter kit contains items that you need to get started with the instrument, such as a cleaning kit, music stand, and a name tag. The cleaning kit is like the "toothbrush" for your instrument while a music stand is critical to successful practice at home. You will save money by buying them together as a kit.

Ongoing Support for Instrument Rentals

Am I able to exchange my instrument?

Yes. You may exchange to another instrument of equal or greater value throughout the life of the agreement. Should you wish to exchange your instrument, please contact a Rental Associate at 888-731-5396 for specific details.

How do I return my instrument?

You may return the rental instrument at any time after the Initial Rental Period. Should you wish to return your instrument, please visit one of our stores, or contact us at 888-731-5396 for a Return Authorization and return instructions.

What if I my instrument needs repair?

Should your instrument be in need of repair, please take it to one of our stores or rental affiliates. If you are not located close to a store location, please Contact Us at 888-731-5396 for specific instructions.

What if my child outgrows the violin, viola, or cello?

We offer free exchanges when your child is ready for a larger instrument! Please visit one of our stores, or Contact Us at 888-731-5396 when you are ready to exchange.

What do I do if my instrument is lost or stolen?

Should your instrument be lost or stolen and you have purchased LDW (Liability Damage Waiver), you are generally covered. Please contact us immediately at 888-731-5396 should your instrument be lost or stolen.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my account?

Please contact us at 888-731-5396 should you have any questions about your account.

What do I do if I get the wrong instrument?

Should you receive and incorrect or damaged item in shipment or school delivery, please contact us at 888-731-5396 within 72 hours.