Who is BGE?

BGE Financial Corporation is a leader in providing financing or lease/purchase options since 1988 for schools, universities, and music booster programs. Music & Arts’s partnership with BGE serves music directors in need of instruments and administrators on a tight budget, all within our www.musicarts.com educator website.

Why should I lease?

This program is designed to assist schools, universities and booster programs in acquiring the instruments they need for their program while staying within their budget. There are many benefits to this option -

  • Helps beat inflation by obtaining the instruments needed today while avoiding annual price increases
  • Gives music directors the opportunity to obtain needed instruments to complete a successful music program while remaining within their budget
  • Helps schools replace older instruments that are depleting their repair budgets
  • All schools, universities and school music booster programs are pre-approved

Is leasing unusual?

School administrators lease their copiers, buses, etc. in order to remain within their budget. BGE leasing allows music directors to obtain the instruments they need while helping administrators stay within the budgetary boundaries.

How do I lease?

Simply log on to MusicArts.com with your educator credentials, create a cart (lease must be > $3000), select the account you wish to use for shipping purposes, and click ‘place lease request.’ A formal lease will be prepared by BGE and sent to the school to be executed. Upon receipt of the signed lease, BGE will have www.MusicArts.com ship the equipment.

After receiving the instruments, school officials will then sign the acceptance certificate and return it along with the annual payment. The next annual payment will be due on the anniversary date of the lease. School may purchase the instruments on lease for $1 after all annual payments are made.

Leases over $100,000 require underwriting / approval and may qualify for more attractive rates. Contact your educational representative for these requests.

When do the instruments become the school’s property?

At the conclusion of the lease the school may purchase the instruments for $1.

Who covers the insurance on the instruments?

The school as lessee will assume all risks for any theft, mysterious disappearance, or damage to any or all items of equipment covered by the lease. Optional insurance is available through BGE Alliance Group. This policy provides 100% coverage with no deductible.

Do the limited warranty provisions apply to leased instruments?

Each instrument delivered to the school will have a standard limited warranty as provided by the manufacturer. The dealer is responsible for servicing the product.

Can the lease be paid off early?

The school can pay the lease off early and receive a rebate or unearned lease charges.

Is there a minimum lease amount?

Yes, $3,000 is the minimum lease base amount with a maximum term of 5 years.

What types of items can be leased?

As long as the majority of the lease consists of musical instruments and equipment, any item can be leased including music books, extended warranties, installation fees, and maintenance agreements. Please ask your educational representative or contact BGE for details.

What happens if I sign a multi-year lease and my budget gets cut in subsequent years? The lease is annually renewable for the length of the term of the lease and is automatically renewed each year when the annual payment is made. In the event of non-appropriation of funds simply return the instruments to cancel the lease. Our municipal lease to public schools and universities states that the lease is renewable annually with the payment and includes a non-appropriation clause - both requirements for municipal leases.