Item #1177023 Model #SYKH32

Adams Hammered Copper Symphonic Timpani Concert Drums 32 in.

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Impeccable tuning with height and angle adjustments.

These timpani are some of the finest constructed anywhere in the world. They feature hammered copper bowls that facilitate an increased frequency range in each drum, resulting in a clear, pure tone. The kettle of the instrument is suspended by means of a strong and firm contoured steel ring to maintain roundness and ensure stability during transport.

One of the most import parts of any timpani is the head. This series of timpani uses Remo Renaissance Timpani heads with insert rings standard on all drums. Each instrument has three wheels, two at the rear and one on the player's side to make moving, turning, and rotating simple.

It features a pedal system that works by means of a block that allows the pitch of the drum to be altered without affecting the pedal action. Head angle is adjustable. 

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm