Item #1600925 Model #000-DHX02-00010

Behringer LC2412 V2 Professional 24-Channel DMX Lighting Console Standard

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A feature-packed lighting controller for creative stage productions.

The Behringer LC2412 V2 lighting controller puts immense creative power at your fingertips. With 24 DMX channels assignable to 512 channels, you get flexibility to design dazzling stage visuals. For added durability, the LC2412 has a rugged steel chassis built to withstand heavy stage use.

Broad Creative Control

Take your stage lighting to the next level with the LC2412's versatile DMX implementation. Assign the 24 preset channels to any of the 512 available DMX channels. This immense flexibility lets you configure lighting scenes exactly how you imagine them. Creatively control dimmers, LED pars, moving heads, strobes, fog machines and more.

Super-Smooth Crossfades

The LC2412 lets you store up to 120 scenes in 10 banks for convenient recall during performances. Scenes contain lighting states with intensity levels and DMX channel assignments. Set smooth transition times between scenes with adjustable crossfading. Use rapid crossfades for dynamic shows or longer fades for subtle scene changes. The LC2412's extensive scene storage and smooth crossfading help you create cohesive lighting designs.

Create Dynamic Light Shows

Bring your stage productions to life with the LC2412's built-in chaser. It features up to 650 steps for complex automated lighting sequences. Sync the chaser speed to the bass beat of the music for perfectly timed accents. Or use the frequency-sensitive sound-to-light function to make the lights dance along with the audio. Between scenes, chases and sound activation, the LC2412 provides the tools to make your show interactive and full of excitement.

Rehearse Looks During Performances

Confidently control your show's lighting with the LC2412's handy preview function. It lets you secretly check programmed memories and chases without affecting the live DMX output. Make adjustments and test new looks on the fly, even mid-performance. The preview function gives you flexibility to smoothly modify your show's lighting design at a moment's notice.


  • Professional lighting console with 24 preset channels, assignable to 512 DMX channels
  • Up to 3 DMX channels can be controlled per preset channel
  • 120 scenes storable in 10 banks
  • Integrated chaser with up to 650 steps featuring sync-to-bass beat