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Music education is a lifelong pursuit which for most aspiring musicians begins in the classroom. Essential classroom materials include furniture music books and of course the musical instruments themselves. These classroom supplies and instruments must meet several criteria the most important of which is accessibility. For this reason some of the most popular classroom and kids' instruments are drums world percussion and other rhythm instruments which offer a fun engaging experience while helping young students learn the concepts of musical timing and rhythm. Ranging from the tambourine to the congas these instruments are available from the same brands as their stage counterparts including LP and Meinl.

Many melodic instruments for the classroom are also from the percussion family with some examples being tuned bells and boomwhackers. Particularly common are xylophones which are made in several sizes and pitches for classroom use usually diaphonic and are sometimes packaged in Orff instrument sets by manufacturers such as Lyons. Teachers and parents looking for a different type of melodic instrument for children can also find a classic option in the recorder popularly offered by Aulos and Yamaha among other makers. Alto soprano and tenor recorders are the types normally found in the classroom but larger bass recorders are also available and certain models feature traditional baroque fingering for a more historically accurate instrument.