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Taking professional drum lessons is a concept vastly unrivaled by the old-school method of learning on your own, and private lessons come with fewer headaches and less irritated neighbors. Whether you’re seeking drum lessons for kids or are starting as an adult, we’re here to help you navigate the ins and outs of the incredible world of drumming.

Drum Lessons For Kids
Drum Lessons For Kids

Starting your child on kid-friendly drum lessons is a surefire way to instill good practice and playing habits. Children will learn things like time management and music theory in addition to learning specific drumming techniques, including:

  • The double stroke.
  • The single stroke roll.
  • Basic rhythms.
  • Perfect posture.
  • How to play softly.

There is no sound more deterring than a child letting loose on a drum set with no sense of direction. As a parent seeking drum lessons for kids, you have the option of retaining an (often expensive) tutor that offers private in-home lessons, or you can go to a studio like Music & Arts. The good thing about lesson studios is the access to different teachers, meaning your child will be placed with the teacher and curriculum that’s right for them.

The Lesson Studio at Music & Arts offers kid-friendly courses that are engaging and filled with fun content that covers all the bases. As a reminder, drumming lessons don’t stop in the classroom. Like with any musical instrument, hobby, or sport your child pursues, it is vital that you continue to remain positive and encouraging for the duration of their time enrolled in drum lessons for kids.

Beginner Drum Lessons
Beginner Drum Lessons

If you’ve decided to trade those air drum skills in for a real-life drumming experience, we’re glad to have you! Here at Music & Arts, we offer private lessons to suit your desires. Our courses will cover every genre and playing level, with that competitive edge you need to learn to play the drums with finesse.

To find pricing and locations just use our store locator to help get you started with playing drums in your state. Music & Arts’ course curriculum will match your busy schedule, and our instructors are always ready to teach you how to drum perfect drum beats and really rock the drum kit.

Drummers who take beginner drum lessons progress a lot faster than those who don’t. By default, drum lessons provide content that is tailored to fit the individual drummer, whereas books and videos have no way to gauge your playing level or style. It is easy to get lost when you don’t fully grasp the material and have no way to ask questions! You should definitely consider switching those YouTube tutorial videos out for the undeniable value provided by beginner drum lessons.

Drum Lessons For Adults

No doubt, you’ve heard it a hundred times before: it is never too late to learn something new. As an adult, we are often too busy to take in the simple pleasures of life, and learning to play drums is no exception. We understand you may feel like that ship has already sailed, but you really couldn’t be more wrong. Drum lessons for adults really do exist! There are drum students of all ages and walks of life, so it really won’t be hard for you to find private drum lessons for adults.

Did you know that learning to play a musical instrument boosts your brain power? Playing the drums involves all four of your limbs working together, putting your brain cells into overdrive. Even better, playing the drums helps us overcome feelings of stress and relieves frustration and anger. Think about it: you had a hard day at work or someone upset you. Well, you’re technically hitting something over and over, releasing adrenaline and dopamine. But instead of harm, you’re creating sweet, sweet music.

Latin & Jazz Drumming Lessons

If you’ve mastered basic drumming, then you may want to consider taking Latin or jazz drumming lessons. How cool would it be to be able to add the feel-good vibes of the jazz drum to your repertoire? Attention rock stars: do you want to add more depth and color to your performances? Become a perfectly well-rounded drummer with Latin style drumming. This style uses both hands equally, so you will be challenged to venture out of your comfort zone of primarily using your dominant hand.

Jazz drumming lessons will surely make you a drumming force to be reckoned with. If you don’t know where to look to find jazz drumming lessons, look no further! Music & Arts has a program just for beginner level jazz drummers, that’s guaranteed to challenge you every step of the way. Take a look at The Lesson Studio to find a jazz drumming instructor in your city.

Snare Drum Lessons

The snare drum, also known as a side drum, is perhaps the most recognizable type of drum. The snare drum is considered to be a member of the percussion family. This versatile style of drum can be used in parades and both rock and modern band music. When a snare drum is struck with a drumstick, it produces a sharp echo or that “crack” sound that is commonplace in just about every style of music.

Learning to play the snare drum is crucial if you ever wish to make it far in your drumming career. You can take snare drum lessons to lock in the basics of this drum play. The snare drum is considered to be the most crucial piece of any drum kit, so as you start to venture into drumming, make sure you have mastered the most basic and important piece.

drum teacher with student
Drum Lessons at Music & Arts

You’re already familiar with Music & Arts for all of your music essentials, but did you know that we have our own musical instrument instruction studios? We offer lessons across the United States and can meet your lifestyle needs with our private lessons. So if you’re thinking about crossing off “learning to play the drums” from your bucket list, we are excited to meet you! Request a lesson today, what are you waiting for?