Frequently Asked Questions: Instrument Rentals

What is rental credit, how is it accrued, and what can it be used to purchase?


100% of your monthly rental payments are applied toward the eventual purchase of an instrument, excluding taxes, late fees, statement fees, and Liability Damage Waiver (LDW) payments. These payments are called rental credit. Rental credit can be applied toward the purchase of an instrument of the same kind (student-model brass, woodwind, or orchestral string) of equal or greater value, or you can apply up to $100 of rental credit toward any guitar, bass, pro audio, drum amp, or piano priced at $399.99 or more.

Rental credit must be applied toward the purchase of an instrument at the time of return, or else the rental credit is forfeited. Rental credit cannot be held for any length of time or applied toward a future rental or purchase.