Frequently Asked Questions: Instrument Rentals

What is the Liability Damage Waiver?


The Liability Damage Waiver (LDW) is a protection plan that covers the costs of periodic maintenance and repairs to the instrument while you are renting. For instance, if your student trips and falls and the instrument is damaged, we will repair it at no additional cost. We will also ensure that your student continues to have an instrument to play on while the repairs are being completed—there is no need to put off repairs because you don’t want to take the instrument away from the student! The LDW protects you against loss of the instrument due to fire or forced-entry theft (a police report is required). The LDW does not protect against mysterious disappearance and is not the same as insurance.

Without the LDW you will be financially responsible for all damage to the instrument beyond normal wear and tear. If the instrument is destroyed or stolen, you will liable for the early purchase option price. The average repair cost for an instrument is $80, which generally exceeds the monthly school-year cost of the LDW.

The LDW must be added to the rental agreement at the initial signing.