What is the Summer Sound Challenge?

More than half of music students stop playing their instruments entirely during the summer months. This results in a 2+ month learning loss when the following school year resumes. This would be similar to a marathon runner who stops training for 2 months and tries to win a race! They would not be in peak condition. So we are challenging (and rewarding!) you to keep playing music.

For Students

Schools Out! Time for a Break? No! Take that show on the road!

What’s in it for you?

  • You will be the envy of all your family members (as if you weren’t already)
  • You will impress your music teacher and friends when school is back in session with your new skills! 

For Parents

What is the Summer Sound Challenge?

Studies show that over half of music students don’t play their instruments during the summer season. This playing interruption leads to a learning loss of over two months each fall when students begin practicing again during the school year. Students who stop practicing their instruments over the summer are far from their best when they resume playing each fall.

Tips to get your kids to practice:

Set a Goal

  • Minutes per week or total for the summer, many kids are used to summer reading programs, think of this as your summer practice program!

Every little bit counts!

  • Do you hear “I’m bored!” occasionally throughout the summer? Challenge them to practice for 10 minutes!
  • Find live music in your area
  • Summer time is prime time for music festivals and concerts, check your area for live music that will likely inspire your young performer to pick up their instrument.

Try summer lessons

  • The lesson studio at Music &s; Arts offers custom instruction for every kind of student!
  • Check out our National Lesson Open House weekend June 21-23, free live music and lessons at over 200 locations nationwide! Learn more>

For Educators

What is the Summer Sound Challenge?

Every summer, more than half of all music students stop practicing their instruments. The impacts are significant, resulting in and average learning loss of over two months detected when students return to their school year practice routines every fall. Just like how a marathon runner can’t skip two months of training and win a race, students lose a great deal of progress and momentum when they skip practicing over the summer months.

What tools can help me get my students to practice over the summer?

  • FREE spring concert program inserts for you to use (and customize!) to educate your students and parents on the importance of summer practice

Contact your Educational Representative Today!

  • Custom program insert requests – just ask!
  • Popular music books brought to your school for kids to test and buy on the spot! Think book fair for music!
  • Materials for summer lessons at The Lesson Studio and more!

Printable Resources

Letter to Parents

Sample Message from your Director
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