Electro-Harmonix Nano Soul Preacher Compressor / Sustainer Guitar Effects Pedal

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The Electro-Harmonix Nano Soul Preacher is an effect pedal that offers you 3 selectable attacks coupled with silky, long sustains that blend in perfect harmony to create one of the finest compressors… Learn More


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Heavenly sustain and sonic salvation!


  • Sustain Control” adjusts the amount of sustain.
  • Volume Control ” sets the output level.
  • Attack Toggle Switch ” provides 3 settings of attack: fast, medium and slow.
  • Footswitch ” Selects whether the Soul Preacher is engaged or bypassed. The LED will be lit when the pedal is engaged, and dark when bypassed.
  • 1/4" input and output jacks.
  • When in Bypass mode, the output jack is connected to the input jack through a buffer.
  • The barrel connector is for a 9-volt battery eliminator capable of delivering 100 mA of current. The inner ring of the 9-volt battery eliminator must be negative, the outer ring positive. The unit's battery may be left in or taken out when the eliminator is in use.