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Ferree's Tools Q30 Standard Repair Kit Standard

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An all-in-one solution for instrument repair and upkeep.

The Q30 Standard Repair Kit from [brand name] provides instrumentalists and band directors with a complete set of high-quality products to properly maintain brass, woodwind and string instruments. This comprehensive kit includes multipurpose metal polish, premium brush contact cement, cork grease, valve/slide/bore and key oils that work in harmony to keep your [instrument type] in peak operating condition.

Premium Contact Cement Bonds Essential Parts
The included contact cement creates durable yet pliable bonds between pads, corks and felts to your instrument. Its strong, flexible hold stands up to the rigors of regular playing while still allowing parts to move freely. Use it to re-affix loose pads, re-cork valves or make quick repairs during performances and rehearsals.

Specialized Oils Lubricate and Protect
Valve, slide and bore oils are formulated to lubricate and protect critical instrument components. Valve and slide oils allow valves and slides to move smoothly, while bore oil conditions the inside of brass instruments to prevent corrosion. A few drops of these lightweight, long-lasting oils go a long way toward extending the life of your instrument.

Metal Polish Restores Shine and Prevents Tarnish
The included metal polish is a gentle, ammonia-free formula that restores shine to lacquered brass, silver, nickel and other metal surfaces. Use it to bring back the luster of tarnished mouthpieces, bells, keys and other metal parts. Its protective barrier helps prevent future tarnish buildup so your instrument always looks its best.

Cork Grease Conditions Corks
Cork grease conditions cork valves and slides to ensure smooth action and an airtight seal. Apply the grease to corks as needed to prevent sticking and keep your instrument responsive and in tune.

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  • Metal alcohol lamp
  • 8 oz. metal polish
  • 2 oz. Quik-dry cork cement
  • 2 oz. key oil
  • 1-1/2 oz. valve oil
  • 2 oz. bore oil
  • 1-1/4 oz. slide oil
  • Pad and cork cement
  • Cork grease
  • Shellac
  • Rawhide mallet
  • Cork knife
  • Spring hook
  • Sandpaper strip
  • Pivot screw reamer
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Small flat-nose pliers
  • Assorted valve springs
  • Assorted water key springs
  • Flat springs
  • Assorted needle springs
  • French horn string
  • Valve felt assortment
  • Saxophone neck corks
  • Saxophone key felt bumper assortment
  • Clarinet pad assortment
  • Flute pad assortment
  • Saxophone pad assortment
  • Water key cork assortment
  • Valve stem cork assortment
  • Assorted sheet cork
  • Pad slick
  • Valve cleaning rod
  • Valve adjusting mirror
  • Pad prick
  • Jeweler's screwdriver
  • Sousaphone bell screws
  • Lyre screws
  • Ligature screws
  • Pivot screws
  • Thumb rest screws