Harbinger Harbinger LV12 Mixer Package With MLS900 Pair, Mics, Stands and Cables

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This Harbinger LV12 mixer package also contains a MLS900 line array pair, mics, stands and cables. Harbinger LV12 MixerThe Harbinger LV12 is a Bluetooth-enabled 12-channel mixer that is ideal for both… Learn More


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All-in-one portable mixer package with essential accessories included.

This Harbinger LV12 mixer package also contains a MLS900 line array pair, mics, stands and cables. Harbinger LV12 MixerThe Harbinger LV12 is a Bluetooth-enabled 12-channel mixer that is ideal for both live and studio applications, providing a wide variety of inputs and outputs, and a robust build for consistent reliability and versatility for years to come. Mix up to 12 channels, and output to pro-standard equipment with the LV12's independent XLR main and stereo balanced 1/4" monitor and control room outputs. You can also simultaneously monitor through headphones and send a stereo signal to an external recording device. For live performers, combos and DJs, the LV12 handles vocals, acoustic instruments, stereo electronics and Bluetooth audio sources with ease. You can even send a customized mix to a stage monitor or route to/from an external effects processor. Plus, get full 48V phantom power for professional studio microphones, a pair of 80Hz high-pass filters to remove rumble and 26dB PADs to attenuate hot signals. The LV12's small footprint fits most space-conscious workspaces, ideal for podcasters who need additional inputs and home studios.Harbinger MLS900 Personal Line ArrayThe Harbinger MLS900 Personal Line Array is the perfect balance of portability, performance and versatility. Thanks to an innovative spring-loaded connection mechanism, the column speaker section clicks easily into place, making set up and tear down simple and quick. Backed by a powerful Class-D amplifier, the MLS900’s subwoofer cranks out more bass than similar PA systems. This personal line array is ready to take on any gig, yet is small enough to carry along with a guitar and gear bag.Power, Flexibility and PerformanceDespite its compact, portable form factor, the MLS900 offers room-filling sound, thanks to its 8” subwoofer and array of six 2.75” high-frequency drivers. The onboard power module supplies 900W peak output for clean, clear audio. The custom column speakers are arranged to create two outward-angled arcs of sound, delivering balanced audio with a 150° dispersion pattern. This arrangement also lets the speaker simultaneously serve as both the house sound system, and the performer’s on-stage monitor. You won’t have to bring extra speakers to your gigs anymore—the MLS900’s wide coverage ensures clear audio for both you and your audience.Versatile ConnectivityWith eight inputs at your disposal, the MLS900 won’t leave you wanting for more connectivity. Three independent channels and up to eight simultaneous inputs mean you can connect two microphones or guitars along with stereo keyboard/electronics, plus use a stereo aux in, and stereo Bluetooth audio—all at once. With this much capability, you can gig without a mixer, but still connect all your gear.Extreme PortabilityGet big speaker sound and versatile capability without losing mobility. Weighing less than 30 lb., the base can be carried comfortably with one hand. Satellite speaker column sections travel in the included cross-body shoulder bag, leaving your other hand free for your guitar, keyboard or gear bag. The speaker bag not only makes transporting your gear a snap, it also protects the column sections from the hazards of the road with thick padding, keeping your setup looking new. Smart StereoWhen two MLS900 units are wired together for expanded coverage and output, the Smart Stereo feature adds stereo functionality to the setup. Control the entire system with easy volume and tone control from the master unit. Simply connect all your inputs to the first unit, and the MLS900 intuitively routes left and right to the separate speakers, while putting mono signals right in the center of your mix.


Includes LV12 mixer, 2 MLS900 speakers, mics, stands and cables
LV12 Mixer
Four XLR 1/4" combo inputs, supporting a wide range of sources

  • Bluetooth audio input for use with smartphones or any other BT source
  • 3 channels of balanced stereo line inputs
  • Hi-Z switch on CH 4, ideal for connecting guitars or basses
  • Stereo 1/8" input to connect audio from a mobile device
  • 48V phantom power for professional condenser-type microphones
  • 80Hz high-pass filter and 26dB PAD on each combo input
  • 16 built-in lush digital effects for a wide range of sounds
  • XLR outputs for connecting to pro-standard equipment
  • Stereo 1/8" Record Output to send a mix to an external recorder
  • Stereo 1/4" Control Room outputs
  • Send Out and Return In for stage monitor or external effects processing
  • Stereo 1/4" Headphone Output to monitor a mix through professional headphones
  • 3-band EQ for more sound-sculpting options
MLS900 Speakers
  • Smart Stereo for stereo playback when two units are wired together
  • 900W peak output; ultra-wide dispersion pattern
  • 8" woofer and an array of six 2.75" drivers in column section
  • 3 independent channels and up to 8 simultaneous inputs
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Technical Specification

    Harbinger Harbinger LV12 Mixer Package With MLS900 Pair, Mics, Stands and Cables

    LV12 Mixer

    Onboard 24-bit Digital FX: 16 presets with parameter adjust

    Phantom Power: 48V DC (CH1-4)

    Input Channels: 4 Mono MIC/LINE (XLR 1/4” combo), 3 Stereo LINE (1/4”), 1 Stereo 1/8”, 1 Bluetooth

    Output Channels: 1 Stereo MAIN OUT (XLR), 1 Stereo CTRL RM (1/4″), 1 Stereo REC OUT (1/8”)

    Monitor Output: 1 Mono (1/4”)

    Headphone Output: 1 Stereo (1/4”)

    26dB PAD: 4 (CH1-4)

    80Hz High-Pass Filter: 4 (CH1-4)

    • Guitar Hi-Z Input: 1 (CH 5: 6)

    FX ON/OFF Footswitch: 1 (1/4″)

    Internal FX Send: 1

    External Aux/Monitor Send: 1

    EQ HIGH: ±12dB@ 10 kHz (shelving)

    EQ MID: ±15dB@ 2.5 kHz (peaking)

    EQ LOW: ±12dB@ 100Hz (shelving)

    LED Meters: 6-Segment (CLIP, +6, 0, -6, -10, -20)

    Dimensions WxDxH: 10.67” x 9.65” x 2.28”

    Weight Net (without PSU): 2.97 lb.

    Dimensions: 10.71" L x 9.65" W x 2.4" H

    Weight: 2.5 lb.

    MLS900 Pair

    Speaker Configuration

    Active/passive: Active

    Type: 2-way

    LF driver: 8"

    MF driver: Not applicable

    HF driver: 2.75"


    Amplifier class: D

    Wattage: 900W peak

    Mixer/preamp: Yes


    Frequency response: 40Hz–20kHz

    Coverage pattern: 150°

    Max SPL: 121dB


    XLR: 3

    TRS: 3


    XLR: 1


    Cabinet material: Molded

    Weight: 41.5 lb.