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IK Multimedia T-RackS The Farm Stone Room Standard

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A faithful and exclusive reproduction of the iconic stone room at Genesis’ studio Fisher Lane Farm.

The Farm Stone Room plug-in from IK Multimedia not only represents an accurate recreation of the stone live room at Genesis’ studio, it’s also the closest you can get to the legendary Townhouse Studios drum room it was modeled after. Whether you want to get a drum sound as big as top hits recorded in the ′80s, or add another dimension to drum sounds useful in all styles of modern music from rock to hip hop, nothing else can get you the big smashed drum sound of The Farm Stone Room. The stone walls of this relatively small-sized room give drums a huge sound, especially when run through the SSL 4000G mixing console that producer/engineers Hugh Padgham and Nick Davis used at Fisher Lane Farm and faithfully reproduced here. These studios no longer exist and there are few, if any, similar stone drum tracking rooms left in the world. Fortunately, thanks to Genesis and the help of Dave Kerzner and Nick Davis, IK was invited to the Fisher Lane Farm to fully capture all of the elements of this rare and special space before it was closed. The Mono Crush controls are unique to The Farm Stone Room, capturing the room in punchy and dirty mono using a vintage STC 4021 “Ball & Biscuit.” An SSL Listen Mic Compressor (LMC) was modeled and inserted in this section, which blended with the stereo Neumann U87s room mics, gives you the amazing drum sound of tracks like Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight,” Genesis’ “Mama” and Peter Gabriel’s “Intruder.”
Room reverb channels: 2


  • Two room reverb channels: Neumann U87 pair (Stereo Room) and STC 4021 “Ball and Biscuit” (Mono Crush)
  • SSL-modeled EQ and dynamics to sculpt the sound in the same way as they did in the studio
  • Analog-modeled “SSL Listen Mic Compressor” on the mono crush signal delivers powerful sound to any drum track
  • IK’s latest proprietary VRM technology delivers the most realistic sound spaces ever
  • Customizable “Curtain Open” or “Curtain Closed” dampening for a bright or darker sound
  • EQ, Pre-delay and expanded Decay Time controls
  • Dry and Wet signal level controls with solo buttons
  • Works as a single plug-in for any DAW or inside the T-RackS 5 suite