Item #1604442 Model #1124-687

iZotope Trash: Crossgrade from any version of Vocalsynth, Neoverb, Iris, Stutter Edit, Breaktweaker, Mobius Filter, DDLY Standard

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Transform and mangle your sound with the iconic distortion engine.

The Trash distortion plugin lets you unlock a world of chaotic and colorful sounds. With over 300 presets and impulse responses, Trash gives you a quick start to mangling and transforming your audio. You can blend four different distortion settings with the intuitive XY pad for dynamics and movement. The Convolve module simulates the acoustics of spaces and objects to send your sound into new environments.

Twist Your Tone with Impulse Responses

The Convolve module lets you emulate the sound of over 300 spaces, instruments and objects. Load your own impulse responses to simulate anything you want. Blend up to four different responses together to create a completely unique acoustic space. Send your guitar into an old radio, your drums into a tin can or your vocals into a plexiglass tube. The possibilities are endless.

Shape Your Distortion

Take control of your distortion with the Trash module. Blend together up to four different distortion types to create your ideal warped tone. The XY pad makes it simple to modulate each setting for extra animation. With over 60 distortion presets, you have a great launching point to crafting your own signature distortion.

Target Specific Frequencies

Split your signal into low, mid and high bands to precisely shape each part of the frequency spectrum. Add a touch of grit to just the mids of your bass guitar or completely crush the low end of your drum loop. Give your vocals more high-end bite or whatever tone you're after. With independent control over each band, you have the flexibility to distort only the parts you want.

Randomize for New Ideas

When you need inspiration, let Trash select a random preset or corner of the XY pads. Chance arrangements can reveal new creative directions you never would have discovered on your own. Embrace imperfections and unexpected results. With a single click, Trash can completely transform your tone and reinvigorate your creative process.


  • Over 300 distortion presets and impulse responses
  • Multiband processing: distort specific frequencies
  • Convolve module simulates acoustics of 300 spaces
  • Randomize: instantly create unique sounds