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Midas 522 V2 500 Series Compressor/Limiter Standard

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Legendary Midas dynamics control in a 500 Series module.

The 522 V2 500 Series Compressor/Limiter brings the acclaimed Midas sound to modular rack gear, packing premium performance into a compact 500 Series module. Designed for discerning users seeking nuanced dynamics processing, the 522 provides smooth, musical compression that enhances your mix. The 522's dynamic Presence control lets you add "air" to vocals and instruments without unwanted noise or pumping. Reduce feedback during live gigs and give your sound clarity. When you need aggressive peak limiting, engage Hard knee mode for tight peak control and obvious compression. For ultimate signal integrity, the 522 features a low-noise input stage with exceptional Common Mode Rejection. See compression at a glance with independent LED meters for Gain Reduction and Level. Take the 522's refined dynamics out of the signal path entirely by engaging true hardware relay bypass.

Add "Air" to Your Mix With the Presence Control

The 522's unique Presence control lets you boost mid and high frequencies during compression, helping vocals or lead instruments shine through the mix. Turn up the Presence and those frequencies get a smooth boost without the pumping and noise issues of competing products. Get your lead singer's voice to cut through a live mix. Give your guitar solo clarity and emphasis. Dial in just the right amount of crisp "air" to make your mix sparkle.

Smooth, Musical Compression With Auto Mode

The 522's Auto mode delivers natural compression optimized for your audio. Auto mode automatically adjusts attack and release times based on your threshold and ratio settings, producing smooth, relaxed compression. You'll get rich, musical compression that preserves the emotion in your mix. Avoid the aggressive pumping of manual peak compression. Let the 522 intelligently adapt for the most natural dynamics.

Limit Peaks With Hard Knee Compression

When you need to tightly control peaks, engage the 522's Hard knee mode. Instantly go from subtle, unobtrusive compression to obvious limiting. Hard knee compression sharply clamps down signals that exceed the threshold, perfect for taming peaks. Retain a touch of Soft knee smoothness for musicality. Limit vocals, drums and more with surgical precision.

Maintain Signal Integrity

With decades of pro audio expertise behind it, Midas designed the 522 for unparalleled signal integrity. The low-noise input stage provides a pristine foundation for rich, organic compression. An exceptional Common Mode Rejection Ratio removes noise and artifacts. See compression with precise metering for Gain Reduction and Level. When you want complete transparency, engage true relay bypass to remove all circuitry from the signal path.