Item #1608675 Model #1322-1067

Roland n/zyme Model Expansion Standard

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A futuristic wavetable synth that opens up infinite sonic possibilities.

The Roland n/zyme Model Expansion gives your FANTOM workstation a bold new voice with an advanced wavetable synth engine. Packed with innovative sound design tools, n/zyme inspires you to craft tones as unique as your musical imagination. Two wavetable oscillator layers provide the foundation, each with 63 wavetables to select or morph between. Resonant filters, including detailed vintage models, add warmth and character. With over 90 effects, you have creative control over your final sound.

Oscillate Between 63 Wavetables

Wavetable synthesis gives n/zyme a signature sound by employing not just one waveform but many. Jump or smoothly transition between the 63 wavetables in each oscillator layer using the real-time position control. Create dramatic shifts for bold new timbres or slowly evolving textures. With two independent wavetable oscillator layers and the ability to mix and offset their phases, you've never had more flexibility to craft a unique voice.

Draw Your Own Waveforms

Take sound design into your own hands by drawing custom waveforms on FANTOM's touchscreen. Sketch jagged shapes for an aggressive edge or soften the waveform by smoothing out the rough spots. Your waveform designs come to life with real-time control over position, phase and shape. n/zyme makes designing your own wavetables intuitive and fun.

Modulate Phase and Shape

Add depth and movement to your tones using phase and shape modulation. Control the X/Y pads manually or select from 30 different modulation shapes with tempo-synced speed and intensity. Spin through the wavetable positions, offset the phases of your oscillator layers or dynamically change the shape of your hand-drawn waveforms. Phase and shape modulation infuse your sounds with expressive qualities that make them truly your own.

Eight Filter Types and Dual Step LFOs

Pair n/zyme's modern wavetable oscillators with FANTOM's selection of resonant filters, including vintage-inspired models. The filter types color your sound and interact dynamically with the expressive modulation. Then bring your patches to life with the dual Step LFOs, each with 16 steps and 37 shapes to choose from. Add rhythmic accents, syncopated movements or full-on synth percussion with the Step Kick Switch. The Step LFOs turn n/zyme into a powerful sequencer and groove box.


  • Two wavetable oscillator layers with 63 wavetables each, draw your own waveforms
  • Dual Step-LFOs with 37 shapes per step, control phase and shape modulation with 30 shapes
  • Eight filter types including vintage models
  • Over 90 effects from vintage to modern with touchscreen X/Y pad control