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About Saxophones

The Saxophone holds a special place in the history of music as it has played a crucial role in transforming the sound of music. Also known as the sax to music lovers it instinctively creates soothing melodious music commonly associated with jazz. The saxophone has a unique history on how it changed from a simple novelty instrument becoming one of the most recognized instruments in the world of music. This instrument was invented in 1841 by a renowned Belgian musician named Adolphe Sax. Later he created an entire saxophone family comprising of 14 different saxophones each with distinct pitch and dimension which included the B flat soprano E flat sopranino F sopranino C soprano E flat alto F alto B flat tenor C tenor E flat baritone E flat contrabass B flat bass C bass and F contrabass. Despite being made from brass the saxophone is categorized as a woodwind instrument as the sound is produced by an oscillating reed. Initially designed for military bands the saxophone has most recently found its place in symphonic bands and big band music. This instrument was earlier used only for classical music but in the beginning of early 1900's it found a new home with jazz music. Today this instrument is not only identified with Jazz but is also considered a key instrument in nearly all genres of music. It is now almost impossible to listen to music without hearing a sound that is connected to the saxophone. Being one of the most significant instruments in music the saxophone will always remain as one of the greatest inventions in the world of music.

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