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Soprano Saxophones

Small but high pitched and a little different than the standard. Don’t worry we aren’t talking about you we’re talking about our soprano saxophones. Soprano saxs are often known as the smallest sax in common use and they are also a higher pitch than their relatives the alto and tenor. Similarly to how soprano vocalists can hit the higher notes and tenors and altos are a bit lower the sax works in the same way. Shop our selection today to find the perfect fit for your needs!

Soprano saxophones are pitched an octave higher than their tenor saxophone counterparts meaning that they can hit a higher range than others. Some even have additional keys allowing them to play those higher notes that older models may not be able to have played. Another difference that may be noticed is that these types of saxophones are mostly straight though we do have a couple that are the traditional curved shape you would think of when thinking of this instrument. Depending on what you are searching for we have a variety of student and professional instruments allowing you to find the perfect fit for your needs. If you are gathering up instruments to introduce to students who have never played before you would want to look at our student options. They are high-quality and easier to play which will help your students to learn the ropes so to speak as well as build up their confidence when it comes to playing. If you’re shopping for more advanced students who are practicing at a higher level or you are shopping for yourself and you are a professional musician we have a selection of intermediate and professional level options as well. Every instrument that we offer comes from a brand that is well-known in the industry and we strive to only offer high-quality pieces. Shop our selection that includes Allora P. Mauriat Yamaha and Eastman just to name a few. Each one is designed with musicians in mind and offers quality materials to last for years of use and playing.

No matter what level you are shopping at we are sure you’ll find what you need in our selection of soprano saxophones. If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives and they’ll be happy to help you complete your order or find the right instrument for your needs.