Item #1595356 Model #1176-385

Steinberg DAC Cubase Elements 13 Standard

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Mix, compose, record and more.

Cubase Elements from Steinberg is a streamlined, instantly accessible music production environment. Cubase Elements turns your desktop into a full-on music studio, featuring audio and MIDI tracks, virtual instruments and FX, a virtual mixing desk, chord tools to help you compose your songs as well as many other exciting music features to explore. Cubase Elements offers easy-to-use capabilities for intuitive songwriting, a broad range of instruments that inspire and a rich palette full of effects to help polish your production on a professional level. Cubase Elements is your gateway to professional music creation workflows as used by countless professional artists around the globe.
  • Step & Midi Input 
  • Key Editor
  • Track Versions for Video 
  • Start Modes 
  • Transport Bar
  • Channel Configuration 
  • Vertical Zoom
  • Key Command Management
  • New Key Commands 
  • Import Tracks From Projects 
  • MIDI Plugins
  • MIDI 2.0 
  • Routing
  • Demo Projects
  • Window Management
  • Video Engine


  • Inspiring songwriting tools including Chord Pads
  • Retrospective Record
  • Scale Assistant
  • Groove Agent SE, HALion Sonic, Iconica Sketch, Flux and Sampler Track
  • Over 20 GB of sounds and loops