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TC Electronic TELEPORT GLT Active Guitar Signal Transmitter Standard

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Solution for long cable runs.

The TC Electronic's TELEPORT GLT is an active guitar signal transmitter that lets you send your guitar signal over extremely long distances without any signal loss or noise. With the GLT, you can use standard balanced microphone cables to transmit your guitar signal up to 300' to your amp or pedalboard, eliminating noise and radio-frequency interference.

Transmit Your Signal 300' With No Loss

The TELEPORT GLT converts your guitar's unbalanced output to a balanced low-impedance signal that can easily travel 300' or more over standard XLR mic cables without any signal degradation. Gone are the days of signal loss and unwanted noise caused by long unbalanced guitar cables. The GLT buffers and balances your signal for pristine tone.

Match Any Guitar's Pickup With Variable Loading

The TELEPORT GLT features a variable pickup load control that lets you perfectly match the GLT to your specific guitar and pickup. This ensures you get your guitar's true natural tone passed through the TELEPORT GLT. Whether you're playing a Strat, Les Paul, Tele or any other guitar, you can dial in the ideal pickup compensation.

Stop Noise and Radio-Frequency Interference

Running long, unbalanced guitar cables invariably leads to noise and radio-frequency interference. The TELEPORT GLT's balanced output eliminates this, giving you a noise-free signal sent over long distances. You get your pure guitar tone, without unwanted noise and interference.


  • High-performance guitar signal transmitter to drive long cable guitar signals (together with GLR)
  • Drives your guitar signal up to 300' (100 m) without any loss
  • High-headroom design offers superior sound quality
  • Variable Pickup load compensation for most natural sound
  • High impedance 1/4” TR to connect to guitar
  • High-quality Neutrik* XLR for highest signal integrity
  • Fully transformer-isolated design ensures electrical separation
  • Ultralow noise, harmonic and phase distortion design
  • Aluminum extrusion casing with protective silicone rubber corners
  • Compact and rugged design