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TC Helicon Go Solo Standard

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A compact, audio interface with one XLR/TRS combo input and 48V phantom power so you can record professional audio on your mobile device.

The TC Helicon Go Solo brings studio-level audio capture to iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC devices. As the most portable pro audio interface from TC Helicon, the Go Solo has an XLR-TRS combo jack to connect professional mics and instruments on the go. TC Helicon designed the Go Solo for mobility and convenience so you can record professional audio anywhere inspiration strikes.

Phantom-Powered Preamp Captures Pristine Acoustics

The TC Helicon Go Solo is built around a high-quality mic preamp to capture your best vocal, guitar, piano and acoustic instrument recordings. Just plug in your favorite XLR condenser mic, engage the 48V phantom power and get rich, detailed tone. Dial in the ideal gain staging with the input trim knob. Since the preamp can accept line level signals, you can also directly connect keyboards, drum machines and other instruments. For singer-songwriters, the Go Solo preamp brings out the nuances in your voice and guitar while rejecting noise.

MIDI Connectivity for iOS Synths and Gear

In addition to premium analog I/O, the Go Solo has MIDI input and output via two 2.5 mm jacks. This lets you integrate hardware synths, keyboards, drum machines and other MIDI gear with your iPhone or iPad. Control sounds and samples using the MIDI capabilities of music apps. Or play iOS synthesizers and virtual instruments with your MIDI controller. Route MIDI clock to sync arpeggiators and sequencers. The MIDI connectivity saves you from hunting down wireless MIDI adapters or cables.

Monitor Your Mixes Anywhere

Musicians need to monitor their recordings and the Go Solo's headphone output makes this possible anywhere. Adjust the headphone gain to dial in the perfect monitoring level whether tracking vocals or mixing a beat. The clear stereo headphone signal has plenty of volume for isolating yourself in loud environments. Use it to preview audio files, monitor as you record or simply listen to music. The Go Solo headphone jack also doubles as a stereo line output. So you can easily connect it to speakers or an amp for playback.

iOS Production Powerhouse

The Go Solo unlocks professional recording and production capabilities on iOS. It seamlessly integrates with TC Helicon's suite of vocal effects apps like VoiceLive Play for realtime vocal processing. The low-latency monitoring keeps your voice in time. Use the Go Solo with your favorite iOS DAWs and audio production apps to craft music on the move. The included USB and MFi Lightning cables ensure broad compatibility. Additionally, with USB bus power or battery operation, you can record anywhere inspiration strikes without AC power. For the ultimate portable pro audio interface, TC Helicon's Go Solo empowers iOS-based music creation.


  • Single XLR/TRS combo input
  • Record via iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices
  • Stereo headphone output with adjustable gain
  • Integrated MIDI
  • 2 x 2.5 mm MIDI I/O jacks for 5-pin MIDI devices
  • 48V phantom power
  • Integrates with TC Helicon creative suite
  • Compatible with a wide range of iOS apps and software
  • Thoughtful design lets you to charge your mobile device while using
  • Powered via USB, 2 AA batteries (not included) or optional DC power supply (not included)