TC Helicon Perform-VG Mic Stand Mount Acoustic Guitar Processor

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The Perform-VG Mic Stand Mount Acoustic Guitar Processor is a groundbreaking vocal and acoustic guitar effects processor for your mic stand lets you create amazing performances instantly. You can add… Learn More


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A smart, easy solution for adding quality effects, harmony to your vocals from the comfort of your mic stand.

The Perform-VG Mic Stand Mount Acoustic Guitar Processor is a groundbreaking vocal and acoustic guitar effects processor for your mic stand lets you create amazing performances instantly. You can add two voices of NaturalPlay Harmony controlled by your guitar. Perfrom-VG makes professional-grade live vocal production easy and legendary. With only the most essential vocal and acoustic guitar effects, this unique vocal and guitar processor lets you sound fantastic – while letting you keep your mind on your performance. Portable, expressive and most importantly simple, Perform-VG will instantly satisfy your need for impeccable sound at the touch of a button. Whether you’re playing at the local tavern or a huge festival, your vocals always deserve special attention. Perform-VG gives you the tools to always sound your best with studio-grade reverb, echo and automatic pitch correction – all in an ultra-simple mic stand mounted processor designed to elevate your performance to the next level.3 Voices - 1 VocalistIf you're a solo performer, having harmonies is a pipe dream and you have to get the right voices to complement your own. Not any more. WIth TC-Helicon's proprietary NaturalPlay technology, the Perform-VG turns you into a trio by adding up to 2 harmony voices created by the chords you play on guitar. No need to worry about sharing your payout with backup singers or people getting a cold, etc.Studio-Grade Reverb and EchoReverb and echo effects simulate adding physical space to your sound, allowing your voice to fit into the music perfectly. From the ambience of a small room to the echo of a massive cave, Perform-VG's vocally tuned reverb/echo settings always bring out the best in your voice.Great-Sounding GuitarPerform-VG features TC-Helicon's BodyRez algorithm, which gives your guitar a much fuller tone when you’re playing through a PA, and restores some of the acoustic magic that is often lost when using a pickup. Add in high quality chorus, reverb and echo effects and you've got all the tools you need to create a compelling performance.Helping HandYou’re only human, and let’s face it; sometimes even the pros need a little help hitting every note perfectly. Perform-VG’s auto-chromatic pitch correction can instantly nudge your pitch to the nearest semitone – giving you confidence that you'll always be at your best.Polis Your PerformanceOne of the coolest features in the PERFORM-VG is the Anti-Feedback button, which means you never have to worry about those annoying mic squeals. PERFORM-VG knocks feedback out quickly before it can get in the way of your show.Personal Sound TechPerform-VG’s Adaptive Tone (equalization) with compression, de-ess and gate automatically controls the timbre and shape of your sound, ensuring every note is pristinely clear and intelligible. When the crowd hears exactly what you’re singing, they can join in – and there’s nothing better than that. Add the Perform-VG to your live rig today.


  • Studio-quality reverb puts your voice and guitar in the perfect physical space
  • Ear-catching echo adds interest at just the right moment
  • Anti-Feedback protects you from unwanted mic squeals
  • Adaptive Tone for perfect EQ, compression, de-essing and gating
  • High-quality, low-noise mic preamp for pristine vocals
  • USB for convenient firmware updates
  • Optional SWITCH-3 or SWITCH-6 footswitch for extended performance control
  • Mic Control gives you remote effects access via our MP-75 and MP-76 mics
  • 3-year warranty program
  • Designed and engineered in Canada