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Vic Firth Quadropad Small


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Practice your rudiments anywhere with this innovative quad pad.

The Vic Firth Quadropad is designed for tenor drummers looking to hone their skills in a quiet, compact way. Its four gum rubber pads provide an authentic feel and rebound, accurately spaced to match a standard set of quads. Two additional adhesive pads allow you to configure quint or sextet setups. At under 3 kilograms, the Quadropad is lightweight enough to transport in a backpack, enabling you to practice rudiments and warm up wherever you go.

Gum Rubber Pads Mimic the Feel of High-Tension Drumheads
The Quadropad's thin, hard rubber pads respond naturally to sticks and mallets, providing the tight articulation and quick rebound of marching tenor heads. Their single pitch allows you to hear the quality of your playing without the pitch changes of actual drums masking issues. The first playable area of the pads aligns with the rim of a drum, helping you develop accuracy—if you hit the pad, you've cleared the rim; if you hit the wood base, you've hit the rim.

Adhesive Pads Allow Quint and Sextet Setups
In addition to the four main pads, the Quadropad includes two 6" adhesive pads made of a thinner rubber. Place these "spock" pads between the larger pads to configure quint or sextet setups, providing even more options for developing your skills. Their thinner material offers an authentic feel for these additional drums.

Non-Skid Backing Provides Stability Anywhere
A skid-resistant foam backing allows the Quadropad to remain firmly in place on a variety of surfaces. Set it on a coffee table, carpet, tile or concrete floor without worry of it shifting during playing. The backing also enables the pad to be mounted to a snare stand, allowing for ensemble practice.

Laminates Included for Practicing Scrapes
The Quadropad comes with a set of Mylar laminates that provide extra articulation for practicing scrapes. Place these laminates on the pads to experience a similar feel to actual drums when executing scrapes, letting you hone this technique without grabbing the rubber pads.

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