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Adams Professional Series Generation II Hammered Copper Timpani 26 in.


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Why get less for more money? This is a great sounding, super-stable kettledrum with a light, yet reliable footpedal and tons of features.

The Professional Series Generation II Hammered Copper Timpani is crafted from the highest-quality materials. This timpani produces a bold, expressive sound that will elevate any percussion ensemble. The hammered copper bowls provide a warm, resonant tone with outstanding projection, while the sturdy steel frames ensure stability and durability during energetic performances.

Hammered Copper Bowls For Optimal Tone
At the heart of these professional timpani are hand-hammered copper bowls that produce a rich, nuanced tone. Copper is prized for its ability to generate a wide range of sounds with complex overtones. The hammering process also strengthens the copper, allowing for thinner bowls that vibrate more freely. This combination of material and technique results in timpani with outstanding tonal qualities and a fast, sensitive response.

Precision Tuning Mechanisms For Quick Changes
Changing pitch quickly and accurately is essential for timpanists, and this professional timpani is equipped to handle rapid tuning adjustments. High-quality geared tuning handles allow microtonal changes with smooth, precise movements. Indexing marks around the circumference of each bowl also make it easy to return to standard pitches.


  • Hammered-copper bowl
  • Patented GEN2 Balanced Action Pedal
  • Smooth extended pitch range adjustability
  • Unprecedented accuracy
  • Secure hold
  • Chrome-plated, single-flange steel suspension ring and counter hoop
  • Superior pitch focus and sustain
  • Integrated locking 3rd wheel assembly on the player's side
  • Wide-stance arched legs
  • Each large double-wheeled swivel caster features a secure double-locking mechanism

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm