Nationwide Musical Instrument Rental Program

Music & Arts is one of the largest providers of musical instrument rentals in the U.S. We have more than 500 retail and affiliate locations with more than 200 educational representatives servicing schools across the country.

Trusted by teachers and educator-approved:

  • No Commitment

    Free exchanges or returns at any time

  • Convenient Delivery

    Ship to your home, store, or school (where available)

  • Care and Cleaning

    Ultrasonic cleaning & inspection by repair technicians

Band & Orchestral Instrument Rentals

Why band and orchestra?

  • Evidence suggests students with band and orchestra experience show "significant higher levels of mathematics proficiency," score higher on the SAT, and attend college at a rate twice the national average.
  • Music students develop skills valuable in subjects like math, reading, and science. We believe that having to buy an expensive instrument shouldn't be an obstacle to your child taking part in band or orchestra.
Enthusiastic trombonist

For Music Educators

  • Our huge Inventory of Musical Instruments

    We have more inventory than any other music retailer. We can provide your students with the rentals and accessories they need.

  • The Most Trusted Instrument Brands

    Many of our educators require their students to play specific brands of instruments. We've got you covered with trusted brands like Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Buffet Crampon, Capital Edition, Giardinelli, Strobel, and more.

  • Music Educator Resources

    We've got resources designed to make your life easier. Our educational representatives, Be Part of The Music recruitment assets, teaching resources, white papers, group instrument rentals, and music educator support center will help your music program shine.

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For Parents

  • Our Instruments Are Educator-Approved

    We work closely with educators all over the country to ensure their students have access to educator-approved instruments.

  • Affordable Way to Try Without a Large Investment

    Renting is a great way for your child to try an instrument without you needing to make a substantial up-front investment.

  • Free Exchanges

    If your child outgrows the instrument, changes to another instrument or it's time to upgrade past the beginner model, you can exchange your child's instrument for one of equal or greater value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Shipping Options

    There are multiple ways to receive your rental. You can ship directly to your home, pick up at your local store, or even pick up at your school (where available).

    Ship to Home: Orders are processed for shipment within 48 hours and are estimated to arrive within 1-5 days, based on your location.

    Pick Up at School: Your instrument will be delivered to your child's school at the time and day requested by the music teacher. This option is only available if selected by your child's teacher. If it is available, you will see it as an option during checkout.

    Pick Up at Store: The store will contact you when your instrument is ready for pickup (usually less than 48 hours).

  • Trial Period

    The trial period option(s) have been discounted from the monthly rate to serve as a one-time introduction, so that the student can obtain an excellent quality instrument for a minimal fee.

    It is the minimum length of the rental agreement, and this period is non-refundable, even if you return the instrument early. The length of this period may vary by region and can be found after the instrument selection page. The initial trial period cannot be extended or renewed, and may not coincide to the duration of the school year.

    After the Initial Trial Period ends your credit card will be charged automatically (EZ Pay system) for the monthly recurring rental rate plus associated LDW (optional) and taxes until such time as you should return the instrument and/or opt to purchase an instrument.

  • Terms & Conditions

    During checkout you will agree to the terms and conditions of renting an instrument that covers topics such as the introductory trial period, maintenance, loss or damage, late fees, return and exchange options, purchase options, and more. Should you ever wish to reference your rental agreement, you can access it by logging into your account.

  • Rental Exchange

    You may exchange to another instrument of equal or greater value throughout the life of the agreement. Should you wish to exchange your instrument, please contact our customer service team at 888-731-5396 or chat with us now!

  • Rental Return

    You may return the rental instrument at any time. Should you wish to return your instrument, please find a location by clicking here. If you would like to have your instrument picked up at your child's school (where available), please contact us at 888-731-5396 or chat with us now to receive a Return Authorization and additional instructions. Please do not return your instrument to your child's school without a return authorization.

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Types of Instrument for Rent

Woodwind, brass, and orchestral strings and percussion instrument rentals are available. Instrument type availability varies based on school and educator preferences.

  • Piccolo

    Piccolo Rentals

    Rent piccolos from trusted brands like Yamaha, Jupiter, Blessing, and Giardinelli.

  • Flute

    Flute Rentals

    Rent flutes from dependable brands like Giardinelli, Armstrong, Jupiter, Gemeinhardt and Yamaha.
    Need more info? Check out our flute rental guide.

  • Oboe

    Oboe Rentals

    Rent oboes from popular brands like Jupiter, Yamaha, Selmer and Giardinelli.

  • Clarinet

    Clarinet Rentals

    Rent Bb and bass clarinets from well-known brands like Selmer, Buffet, Yamaha and Jupiter.
    Need more info? Check out our clarinet rental guide.

  • Saxophone

    Saxophone Rentals

    Rent alto and tenor saxophones from industry-leading brands like Yamaha, Selmer, Jupiter, and more.
    Need more info? Check out our saxophone rental guide.

  • Trumpet/Cornet

    Trumpet/Cornet Rentals

    Rent trumpets and cornets from trusted brands like Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, Eastman, and more.
    Need more info? Check out our trumpet rental guide.

  • Trombone

    Trombone Rentals

    Rent trombones from trusted brands like Bach, Eastman, Yamaha, and more.
    Need more info? Check out our trombone rental guide.

  • Baritone/Euphonium

    Baritone/Euphonium Rentals

    Rent ¾ size baritones, standard baritones and euphoniums from trusted brands like Yamaha, Jupiter, Besson, and King.

  • Violin

    Violin Rentals

    Rent 1/10 size to 4/4 size violins from brands like Strobel, Eastman, Howard Core and more.
    Need more info? Check out our violin rental guide.

  • Viola

    Viola Rentals

    Rent 11″ size to 16.5″ size violas from dependable brands like Strobel, Strobel, Eastman, Howard Core and more.
    Need more info? Check out our viola rental guide.

  • Cello

    Cello Rentals

    Rent 1/8 size to 4/4 size cellos from industry-leading brands like Strobel, Eastman, Howard Core and more.
    Need more info? Check out our cello rental guide.

  • Percussion

    Percussion Rentals

    Rent a bell kit, percussion combo kit or drum kit from leading brands like Pearl, Ludwig, Mapex and Yamaha.
    Need more info? Check out our percussion rental guide.