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Rental Guide — Viola


The Viola rental guide aims to offer you a thorough grasp of the Viola rental process. It covers everything from the fundamentals of choosing the right instrument to advice on how to maintain your rented Viola. This handbook will empower you with all the crucial knowledge needed to make a well-informed choice when you decide to rent a Viola.

What is a Viola?

The Viola is a stringed instrument that is typically played with a bow, and it is an essential component of a string quartet and orchestra. Larger than a violin but smaller than a cello, the Viola produces a rich, warm sound that falls into the mid-range register, sitting beautifully between the high, bright notes of the violin and the deeper tones of the cello. The Viola's music is written in the alto clef, which is different from the treble clef used by most other instruments. Its unique tone and role in harmony often cast it in a supporting role, but it's also used for solos and is appreciated for its expressive qualities. Like other stringed instruments, the Viola's construction and the quality of its components greatly influence its sound, making the choice of a Viola a very personal one for every musician.

Renting vs. Buying a Viola

Renting a Viola can be the preferred option for beginners or individuals uncertain about their long-term commitment to the instrument. Take into account the following factors when deciding whether to rent or purchase a Viola:

  • Affordability: Renting a Viola often entails a more budget-friendly initial investment compared to buying one. It allows you to explore the instrument without a substantial financial commitment.
  • Skill Level: Renting is an ideal choice for beginners just starting out. As your proficiency grows, you can contemplate owning your own instrument.
  • Maintenance: Rental agreements often include maintenance and repair services for Violas. This ensures that the instrument remains in optimal condition without incurring additional expenses.

Buying a Viola, on the other hand, can be a sound investment for serious, dedicated musicians. Owning your instrument means you can choose a specific Viola that matches your personal preference for tone and feel, and the instrument can be customized to your exact needs. Check out our wide selection of Violas by visiting

Viola Sizing Chart

Viola Sizing Chart

Why Renting a Viola from Music & Arts is a Great Option

Renting a Viola from Music & Arts offers numerous benefits:

  • Flexibility: Experience the convenience of free exchanges or returns at any time, providing the freedom to switch to a different instrument if desired.
  • Convenient Delivery: Take advantage of our streamlined delivery options, allowing your rental to be shipped directly to your home, store, or school (availability may vary).
  • Instrument Care: Our expert technicians meticulously inspect each instrument, and maintenance services are frequently included in the rental agreement. Additionally, you have access to our wide-ranging repair network for any necessary adjustments or repairs.

Optional Products to Purchase

When renting a Viola, there are additional products you might consider purchasing to enhance your playing experience, protect your instrument, and facilitate maintenance:

  • Rosin: This is applied to the bow hair to create friction against the strings, producing sound. Different types of rosin can influence the tone and playability of your Viola.
  • Extra Strings: Having a set of spare strings is always a good idea, as strings can break or lose their tonal quality over time.
  • Music Stand: An adjustable stand is essential for holding your sheet music at the right height and angle while practicing or performing.
  • Cleaning Cloth: A microfiber cloth is useful for cleaning rosin dust off your Viola and bow after each practice session, keeping your instrument in good condition.
  • Tuner/Metronome: A tuner will help you keep your Viola in tune, while a metronome will help you keep time as you play. Many devices combine these two functions.
  • Shoulder Rest: This accessory can provide comfort and support as you play and can help improve your posture and technique.
  • Viola Method Books: Especially for beginners, method books provide structured guidance for learning to play, often including exercises and pieces to play at various skill levels.
  • Mute: A mute is a small device that you can attach to your Viola's bridge to reduce its volume, useful for practicing in situations where you don't want to disturb others.

Resources for Playing Viola

  • Private Lessons: As the leading provider of music lessons in the United States, Music and Arts can teach you how to play an instrument. More than 2 million courses are taught annually to students of all ages and skill levels by our hand-selected, veteran instructors. Visit to learn more.
  • Sheet Music and Method Books: Music & Arts offers numerous method books, sheet music and other instructional materials that can help you improve your skills and develop your musical repertoire:
  • Online Resources: Explore online platforms like our blog or YouTube channel for viola resources where you can find video tutorials, tips, and more.

Next Steps for Your Viola Rental

While continuing to rent the instrument is one option, it's worth exploring alternative avenues. If you've been renting and foresee a continued commitment to playing the Viola, it could be time to start thinking about buying your own instrument.

Check out our vast selection of Violas on the Music & Arts website:

You may return the rental instrument at any time. Should you wish to return your instrument, please find a location by clicking here. If you would like to have your instrument picked up at your child's school (where available), please contact us at 888-731-5396 or chat with us now to receive a Return Authorization and additional instructions. Please do not return your instrument to your child's school without a return authorization.

When you rent from Music & Arts, you can take advantage of high-quality instruments, flexible rental plans, and easy delivery. Renting a Viola is a great choice to think about, so don't wait to take the next step and rent your instrument today!