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+ Not all instrument lesson types are available at every location

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All music lessons will temporarily only be available online

Lessons will be taught by background checked instructors and recorded through a secure link directly from Zoom teleconferencing program

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We’ll contact you to learn more about the student

Our mission is to support beginning musicians. We have everything a student needs and, with more information about the student, we can customize the program to reach the student's full musical potential.

Pair the student with a qualified instructor

All teachers from the Lesson Studio are all required to have:

  • A degree in music or significant teaching and/or performance experience
  • Friendly, fun, compassionate and caring personality, but also a strong work ethic
  • Opportunities for students to shine through performance
  • Consistent feedback and goal setting for student progress

Reserve a lesson time

We'll help you schedule your lessons with the best instructor at the most convenient time for you. We also have flexible scheduling so we can find a new time when needed.

Our Temporary Online Lessons Platform:

Today, we face an unprecedented set of challenges as the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact our way of life. At this time, our focus is the health and safety of our instructors, students and communities.

Under these unique set of circumstances, and in an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend music lessons in all stores and offer a temporary digital lessons program as a substitute, effective March 20, 2020.

Though we are experiencing challenging times, the technology we have available presents us with an opportunity to keep lessons at Music & Arts available to students who want to learn or improve their skills. While we understand that an in-person lesson is preferred, our instructors will take advantage of the Zoom teleconferencing program to facilitate students’ weekly music lessons experience.

  • All Zoom lessons are recorded for safety by our University trained, background checked instructors
  • Learn something new from the comfort of your home
Music lessons header

Music Lessons

Committed to Music Education

  • Teaching over 1 million lessons per year.
  • Customized lesson plans built to fit all levels, ages, and genres of music.
  • Showcase progress at in-store recitals, clinics and more!
  • A diverse and exciting program that caters to all ages and abilities.
  • Safe learning environment, highly qualified instructors.
Your Curriculum header

Your Curriculum

Personalized Programs for All Levels

  • Express Yourself - Fun and affordable way to express your creativity.
  • Find a competitive edge to take every genre of music to the next level.
  • Beginner to Advanced - We start with the basics to make learning easy and offer advanced instruction for the more experienced player.
The Benefits header

The Benefits

What Sets The Lesson Studio Apart?

  • Professional, family-friendly environment that encourages all ages to feel comfortable and better focus on their lessons.
  • Knowledgeable staff ready to answer any questions that arise and assist in all of your musical needs.
  • Easy Access to all of the materials you may need either right outside the lesson studio or online.
  • Fun and exciting lesson plans that help the student explore and appreciate all of the musical styles that are possible to master.

What People Are Saying

“My bass teacher is a world class musician, but also the most empathetic and talented instructor…”

— Ariane L. Reeves, Lesson Customer

“…the top notch team of instructors and front desk staff are one of the reasons we evolved into a family that has three weekly music lessons…”

— Bill Watson, Lesson Customer

“My teacher actually worked with me on songs that I like. Now I can harmonize!”

— George Mellinger, Lesson Student

“I try to give my students the best possible foundation to succeed!”

— GT Little, Jr., Piano Instructor

“What I love most about lessons is watching students grow through music.”

— Chris Johnson, Drum Instructor

“Every student needs to leave feeling better about themselves and their instrument than they did when they walked in.”

— Jim Westlyn, Guitar Instructor